Where You Been At?

Every few hours last week I found myself sighing and saying things like “goodness gracious” and “this is IT”. Being tired, inspired and mentally stimulated to the nth degree made these very happy expressions. See, a big ole’ chunk of the WebJunction crew had gathered in Ohio at OCLC HQ to do work on yet another round of implementation decisions for the new version of WebJunction that is currently being built. And it is an exciting thing. No joke. Seriously. It’s REALLY exciting. And substantial. And it is going to happen. And you know what? I think you’ll use it. And really enjoy it and be surprised at just how useful it is. Building is just now beginning and it will take a very long time so please be patient. But even though we’re still a very far way off from “going live time”, hopes are high all around based on the solid input and results we have already seen. I’d say more but Chrystie did a great job summarizing some of the more specific things we were working on so I’ll passing this off to her here. Good stuff is coming! :)

PS-George hinted at this last month here.

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