A few weeks back I asked a question on my facebook profile page just to see what would happen. Would people answer? Would they think about their answers, be funny, rude, or ??? Here’s what popped up. All in all a lovely snapshot, from a (mostly) fine bunch of thinkers. Thanks for sharing your answers. New questions will pop up soon. Having said that, you know, I didn’t ask any of these folks if they would mind if I posted their answer on this blog. Is that an issue? Hmmmm…… If it bugs anybody who posted an answer lmk, but since the profile page is public there didn’t seem to be any violation of privacy. Yes?

Answers To A Library Question

Also, here’s a picture of my facebook friends, in handy wheel form, revealing connections between folks mapped on the wheel. It’s a handy, interesting and revealing device. Ahhh, sweet data visualization. You will see below that, well, I hardly have any friends on facebook that aren’t library staffers (or at least connected to at least one other Libraryland person on facebook). Try making your own friend wheel on facebook to see what it reveals about you! Hmmmm, think of the possible ramifications! :)

(click to find path to larger, readable version):
facebook Friends Wheel Aug 07

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