Dear Seattle, I Have To Move. Yipes!

A quick update for friends and a plea to fellow Seatllites:

Don’t you just hate moving? I just found out tonight that I have to find a new place to live in the next week (or two max). That means I am in aggressive hunt mode for a nice, quiet, clean 12-24 month rental situation in Seattle (first choice is Ballard but Queen Anne, Magnolia, Fremont or Westlake work very nicely as well). I ‘m a reliable tenant and a good neighbor. If any Seattle peeps know of anything exceptional (or just plain good) and available please drop me a line. I hate large complexes, long commutes and don’t want to live near a campus. A view is a huge plus as well. Ha, ha! Fussy much? :)

It’s a bit of a sad situation because the the upstairs resident and property owner’s health has taken a turn for the worse and he needs my separate unit/ half of the house for his live in health care provider. Poor guy. Also sad though because this is a truly beautiful location with view that regularly brings me to my knees, full of gratitude and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Oh well, those of you that visited knew it was just too good to last, right?

This ends my personal, non library related post. Sorry ’bout that. I try to keep ‘em to a minimum, but you never know where that helping hand might come from. Thanks! Back to your regularly scheduled….

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