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If you’ll be in Vancouver, Washington at the OLA/WLA Joint Conference feel free to swing by the presentation I’m doing with my good buddy, Chris Peters (from TechSoup). We’re talking about trends in computing, deepening/impending ubiquity of said computing and what it all means, and might mean, for libraries. Cool stuff!
UbiComp WLA-OLA 2008 Intro Slide

Truncated version of the presentation with notes is up on Slideshare here (What’s up with the pics not showing up on the first slide, Slideshare?):


Gadget Saturday: Animoto Test

Sure it was sunny and 70 in Seattle today, but I had a high old time indoors, configuring my new Chumby:
Configuring Chumby
After spending a couple hours with this (literally) squeezable little computer, I am convinced that libraries could get some serious value from Chumby. A few of them, configured with promo jazzy promo material and carefully placed in public areas would have some real impact. Sure, you’d have to chain them down, but it would really get serious attention. I mean, these little things are COOL!

I’ll likely post more Chumby related things soon, but for now, check out this video and imagine what you could do with your own spiffy library promo video. Their videos play on Chumby or a web page, was free, required no coding on my end, used pictures from my flickr account and was up and running with about 30 mins of work and waiting. Pretty sweet, eh?:

This years Computers in Libraries Conference was another wonderful flurry of ideas, conversations and connections. Highlights for me included:
1. Seeing old colleagues and friends.
2. Meeting new colleagues and making new friends.
3. Hearing what everyone is working on and thinking about.
4. The Gaming Event. W00t! Even if you don’t play games, please consider swinging by this event at future conferences. Community in ACTION.
5. One word: karaoke

It was a real pleasure to present a couple sessions with the amazing Helen Blowers. The real Helen Blowers! :) One of our sessions was a preconference called “Avatars to Advocacy“. We also did a shorter regular session called “Innovative Marketing Using 2.0 Tools” (you can find those slides by following this link).

And now for a few photographic highlights:

Josh Neff’s cil200 photo link

Cil2008 Gaming Event with Tongue link

Cindi’s Cil2008 photoset.

All flickr photos tagged cil2008, ranked by “interestingness”.

Happy unrelated observation:
Say what your will about Chuck Norris but Mr. T is the only guy that can REALLY bring people out of comas. Note to Libraryland: If I’m ever in a coma, please send Mr. T to snap me out of it.