Immediate Software Job Openings @ OCLC!

Straight from the OCLC HR dept today: “We have regional openings that need to be filled immediately and we need your help!”. So, even though I don’t often mix business with the pleasure of blogging, today it will happen. Here goes:

If you are a software engineer or Web/User Interface Designer, if you are talented, hard working and motivated, AND if you would like a good job, with good pay and benefits in a very livable city, well then you may be reading the perfect blog post.

The following jobs are open right now. Perhaps one of them is just the thing you have been looking for?:
Sr. Software Engineer – Job ID 1614 (Seattle, WA)
Consulting Software Engineer – Job ID 1613 (Seattle, WA)
Consulting Software Engineer NL – Job ID 1612 (Boulder, CO)
Associate Product Manager – Job ID 1590 (Boulder, CO)
Sr. Software Engineer NL – Job ID 1577 (Boulder, CO)
Sr. Web and User Interface Designer – Job ID 1524 (Open Location/Remote)
Sr. Software Engineer – Job ID 1511 (Seattle, WA)
Sr. Software Engineer – Job ID 1343 (San Mateo, CA)

You can find details about these, and other jobs at OCLC, here:

So if you have mad skills and are interested you might drop me (or another person with an OCLC connection) a line. OCLC is motivated to find the right people to fill these roles quickly!

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