Tough Times: CNN helps get the word out

The more stories like this we see, the better, right? Awareness, well leveraged can equal $, so make sure you collect a few of these “big” stories to share with friends. Spread the word and leverage our traffic and use to help make sure it can be sustained. It tempts me to make webliography to print out and take to dinner parties. Of course that might explain why I don;t get more dinner party invites. lol!

Hard economic times a boon for libraries
” In the past year, libraries across the country have seen dramatic increases in the use of their services, which in addition to free Internet access can include resume workshops and foreclosure seminars.

“Whenever you have tough economic times, public libraries are a place people go because they have no other alternatives or because they know they are going to get the kind of powerful information that will make a difference in their lives,” said Kristin McDonough, director of the Science, Industry and Business Library in New York City.”

A shout out to the libraries mentioned. Good job helping to get the word out!

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