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Get Well Soon Chris!

Before you read this, if it is the first you have heard the news it will come as quite a shock. It was very unexpected and while it isn’t good news by any stretch, things are starting to look a little better than they were last week. Here’s what is happening:

Last week, Chris Peters, a very dear friend of Libraryland, employee at techsoup and MaintainIT, author, former Washington State Library and Gates Foundation US Library Program employee and all around good person, very unexpectedly had a stroke at his home in San Francisco. He has been receiving intensive care and observation for almost a week now. Happily, things are starting to look better. In fact, I very unexpectedly just got off the phone with him shortly after getting a text message from him (which had me very nearly squealing with excitement I must confess). His text and call demonstrate that, all things considered, he is functioning very well. It was a such huge relief to hear his voice and have a conversation with him! His parents and his sister are at his side now and he is in good hands.

And it even looks like Chris will be up and around enough in the not too distant future to share more info himself and reply to well wishes. In the interim we wanted to let folks know what happened and that he is doing better. It would also be nice if you folks out there in Libraryland would send him good wishes.

At this point we don’t have an address to share that you can send cards (or cookies, assorted treats or amazon gift certificates) to. I’ll definitely share that here once we have it. Until then, it would be good to drop him a good wish on his facebook page, in comments here or via an email. If you can view it, his fb profile is here and his email is chrispeters72**at s i g n ** gmail dot com. You might even consider sending @cpetersc a message on Twitter. I’ll be sending well wishes via all those channels and I hope you’ll join me!

If you don’t know Chris, believe me, you really, really do want him to get well. He has worked tirelessly for many years to share, support and grow libraries. As Brenda Hough recently said on the techsoup blog: “Chris Peters, MaintainIT Cookbook author (is) one of my favorite people to turn to when I need to better understand something about library technology. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question I ask, he sees that as a challenge and soon he does know and explains it to me, too.”

Yep, that’s good ole’ Chris!

Here is a little more Chris Peters goodness for you…

Lot’s of folks have loved Chris’s writing work on “Recipes for a 5-Star Library” which you can download and use for yourself via this page. And just so you know, he’s got more cookbook authorship under his belt that you can find if you poke around a bit (like here).

And here is some of what he are written and published online at work for libraries and non-profits:
Choosing the Best Internet Connection
Tips for Buying Refurbished Computers
Understanding Cookies and Their Effect on Your Privacy
Selecting and Configuring a Firewall
How to Extend Your Wireless Network
Choosing a Disk-Cloning Solution for Your Nonprofit
Tips for Hiring IT Staff: Balancing Skills and Communication
Managing Your Organizationís Technology Assets
Leasing Computers and IT Equipment for Your Nonprofit
Anti-Spam Solutions for Nonprofits

Here is a link to his blog on the MaintainIT site.

Heck, he was even very recently was shown some love on the Google blog.

As you can see, Chris is thoughtful, informed, curious, engaged, and generous. It would be good to drop him a line of support during this difficult time.

Chris, we all wish you a speedy recovery and send you mad love, my brother!

PS- Here are some shots of Chris in action. The good stuff above is part of why Chris is our friend, but the pictures help tell more of the story. For one, Chris loves snacks. :) He shows great restraint or course, but my man loves a good snack:

Chris Loves A Good Donut

This was a fun night for geeking out:
Chris and I work on our presentation.

Chris presenting with me at last years Internet Librarian conference:
Chris Peters at IL2008

Chris charming an audience at WLA in 2008:
Chris @ WLA/OLA

Hangin’ with his homies:
Happy Seattle Party People

Chris Headshot


A Tricky Facebook Background

Admittedly this post is more for geeks who like to jazz up their facebook profiles and can also do a little photo editing. Even if that isn’t you it might be mildly amusing to see. :) Usually your profile image on facebook fills a little box that sort of floats there in the upper left corner of your profile. But with a little photo editing you can make a pretty spiffy “floaty” profile image. You don’t have to do the first step yourself because you can use this image for your background (be sure to click on it to get the largest size for your background):
fb empty background
The next part takes a little bit of experience photo editing but it really isn’t too hard. What you need to do is layer a picture over the background above. It will look like this after you have completed the layering:
second image layered on transparent backgound for fb
Then you just upload that pic as your profile image on facebook. On your profile page you’ll look all floaty:
floaty facebook profile image
People will say “Oh wow! That’s cool!” Or not. Either way, you can do it yourself if you really want to. If not, you know, thats totally cool too. :)
Thanks to Katie for having this on her profile. Such a neat idea!


Killing Our Libraries

A motivational poster of sorts. Large size is the only way to really see it.
killing our libraries - mini-poster 2009