Here’s a fast overview of what we have talked about so far today and what is on our agenda. We are breaking into working groups (mentioned below) now. The concerns many of you have shared with me were passed on to Task Force members and ALA staff as well. ALA President Roberta Stevens will be at dinner tonight will us and these concerns will be shared with her tonight as well. *whew*

With that, here’s what we have been are working on right now:

ALA Task Force on Electronic Content Access:
I. Welcome and Introductions

II. Group Discussion
-Meeting started with a debrief of the recent developments and conversations in the last couple weeks.
-Need to communicate and include member/interested party updating and communication/conversation.
-Review Charge
-Review Assumptions (things we need to do or think about:
-Provide a report to Council @ ALA Annual
-Communication *must* be improved
-National PR Campaign will be recommended
-Ask for funding to move TF work forward
-Some issues will be handed off to other ALA units.
-Broad dissemination or retreatís activities
-Develop a plan to keep membership informed (see above)
-Will seek Council advice
-Advocacy will be recommended.

Working Groups:
Electronic content and accessibility. Develop project plan with charge and funding recommendations
Environmental Scan: Will identify library, author, publishing data. Identify questions that need answers. Define research projects(s) if necessary. Develop charge and funding recommendations.
Model Projects:
Generating a list of projects that are or can be done by libs in the short term: Provide a reason to do each, recommendations, resources need, timeline plan
Perpetual Licensing: Current benefit of licensing as it. Describe models that might be more effective. Look at lending and preservation. Come up with model proposals for publishers.
Public Relations Campaign: Why should we do this? Including various library type perspectives. Identify audiences. Identify assumptions about these audiences and how to communicate with each. Messaging and tagline ideas.
Groups are breaking to work on ideas/plans. Will reconvene late in the afternoon for review and feedback.

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