October 26, 2005

Internet Librarian 2005

IL05 Opening Session Bloggers
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I got to wear a BLOGGER ribbon on my name tag at Internet Librarian 2005 and all you got was one lousy post. True, but I'm gonna earn that shiny green ribbon now, floks. See, in addition to general impressions, this post is pointing you towards PICTURES!

View the famous, the nerdy, the new! Read the inside jokes! Question the validity of the tags! Tremble as you ponder the future of the Internet in libraries in the hands of THESE people!

There may be another post about the conference here shortly, but let me just recap by saying this: Best...Conference...Ever. It was just wonderful to meet so many people in person that I had know for years on-line, revisit with many old friends and coworkers and make surprising and even heartwarming new connects and friends. Thanks so much to everyone for their hard work and careful preparation. The content, the company and the conversations were top notch. Inspiring, motivating, reassuring, validating, exciting, promising and intriguing: all words that pop into my head readily as I think back on the past few days. Enjoy the photos everyone! I'll look for you at next year's Internet Librarian Conference!

Posted by libraryman at October 26, 2005 11:27 PM

This post didn't get a lot of comments, but both the bloggers pictured here typing have now in fact produced a blog enty drawing attention to the photo. Hey, we do what we can, eh? Hope to see you at CLA tomorrow, Sarah.

Posted by: Michael Porter at November 5, 2005 01:37 AM