June 19, 2006

Try This Cool Tool: Wikimapia

Oh, man, this is COOL! It's a global Google map AND it is a wiki! Go ahead and try it out. It really works! Find a location (like your local library:) and add a description, including a hyperlink even!. How cool is that? The potential here for libraries is just mind boggling! THIS demonstrates what the whole 2.0 business is all about. You just couldn't do this on the web a few years ago.

Imagine tying this into local history image collections, perhaps with different maps for different spans of history? You could link to structures, events and then their corresponding documents. This last sentence is geeky, but: This idea reminds me somewhat of the visual model for “gopher” browsing. But this could be workable! What a way to browse, eh?

It’s not a stretch to imagine this sort of mapping and linking tool popping up more and more in virtual worlds like the library in Second Life, eh? Hmmm…what WILL web browsers look like in five or ten years? Surely some will be very, very different and much more immersive and experiential. Using tools tied back to concepts like wikimapia no doubt.

Posted by libraryman at June 19, 2006 01:06 PM