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Library 101.. ON BOING BOING!!!

WOW WOW WOW!!! The Library 101 Project made it to Boing Boing!!! So cool! Huge thanks to Cory and to Boing Boing, and again, thanks mostly to everyone that joined in the project so far (and still will). Libraries rock!!

David and I also want to thank the other librarians who sent this in to them too. As with this entire project, it has been a massive group effort, proving what astounding collaborators modern library staff are.

PS- If you don’t know Boing Boing you might give it a shot beyong scoping out Library 101. Of all the interweb sites out there on the tubes, this is one of my personal favorites.

Library 101 Made It To Boing Boing!!!


The Library 101 Project Is Live Now!

Have you seen it? Have you heard the song and seen the music video? Have you read any of the 23 essays from some of the greatest minds in Libraryland (and David King and I too;)? Have you looked at the carefully selected list of 101 hyperlinked resources that share critically important things to think about and know in order to ensure a vibrant future for libraries, even as technology changes the information access and community landscapes?

Well you should go check it out!

And while you are there, please notice there there are comment boxes all over the place along with easy share buttons on almost every page. Those are really important to the project’s success! We want YOU to chime in and talk about what YOU think the new Library 101 is. So…what *is* your Library 101? Check out the Library 101 Project to let the world know!



You can watch a live stream of the in-person session where the Library Project is launched today! After a fab ten minute “opening act” of sorts, David and I will be back to talk Library 101, debut the video, and then, open up the site to the world! And be sure to become a fan of the Library 101 facebook page (linked below). That page has all the streaming info you’ll need to attend.

PS- Many thanks to Information Today, Inc. for sponsoring part of this video! ITI does a LOT of good for Libraryland and we are very happy to have worked with them. Thank you ITI!

PPS- Thanks also to the Shanachies for doing so much extra to get the live stream working today. And with such great equipment!


Library 101 Project: Pre-Launch Site

Library 101 Pre-Launch Page

As of today, at, the Library 101 Project pre-launch page is live! This page is a teaser page at this point with lunch info and a link in to the Library 101 facebook page (where you can become a fan and get project updates). We’ll have a few prizes around the both the pre-launch here and next week’s full on Library 101 Project launch! Woo hoo!

fyi, Next Wednesday at 2:00pm PST, this page will have host all three of the main Library 101 Project pages, including the song, video, nearly 20 essays from Libraryland thought leaders and a resources list of things to help library staff keep up, get ahead and feel good about library work…even as technology and culture evolve in unexpected ways!


Library 101 on “T Is for Training”

This morning/afternoon I was very grateful to be a part of Maurice Coleman’s regular “T is for Training” podcast recording. We talk about the “Library 101 Project”, training, technology, library futures, collaboration and a slew of the subjects so many of us hold near and dear. It was a fun conversation and if you would like to listen in, just follow this link. Fun stuff! Thanks again Maurice!

PS- Here’s Maurice with the Library 101 qr code he made for the Library 101 video. So cool/fun/geeky!:
Baldgeekinmd holding Library 101 QR


Library 101- The Final Lyrics

The debut of the “Library 101 Project” is only three weeks away! David and I will be launching a web site with essays from several key Libraryland thought leaders, a list of “Library 101″ resources, tips to help library professions keep up as technology and libraries evolve. And, or course, we will debut the new song and music video “Library 101″!! And guess what? The video is almost completed! And it looks pretty good (at least according to the small handful of folks who got a sneak peak). If you submitted you picture or video for inclusion in the video there is a VERY good chance at least one of your shots made it in. We had over 600 images submitted and I did my best to get at least one quick shot of everyone in! Hopefully you’ll be able to spot yourself.

In the meantime, as I am adding the subtitles to the video, I thought I would share the final Library 101 lyrics with all of you. And, if this inspires any of you to submit an essay for inclusion on the very spiffy Library 101 Project web page at launch, (we are working with a web designer on the “Library 101 Project web pages don’t you know! It is gonna be so COOL!), feel free to email that directly to me! Hopefully the lyrics with provide some inspiration. This way, picture, video or not, you can still be a part of Library 101 when it launches! :) Here are the lyrics:

“Library 101! (The basics have changed)
Library 101! (They are not the same)
Library 101! (Your lib can remain with)
Library 101!!

When libraries first started out, we weren’t quite the dream.
See we were useful, but private clubs played host to a scene,
Intellectuals, rich men, lawyers and deans.
But you can’t keep the good people down, that’s what 101 means.
Now for generations libraries have been at freedom’s core.
But now technology is making huge leaps and we must do more.
There’s a cry for emerging tools that help us evolve.
And without that we might die, man this must be solved!

101 our parts make a sum that will be the key to what is to come.
101’s how we get the job done! Evolve and make your Library 101!

As technology marches on, change is a must.
It’s a basic 101 for us, we have to adjust.
Improve digital content and access, or our dreams die.
Become InfoGoogleDonalds? “No way!” We’ll tell you why!

101 new basics have come, our role can’t succumb to evolution
101 we’re beating the drum! Librarians, learn your Library 101!

Bridge 1 (punk rock style)
101’s YOUR *beep* GATE
101! 101! LI-BRAR-Y 101!
101! 101! LI-BRAR-Y 101!!

See your library needs to evolve, get an expanded brand.
Sure books and meeting rooms and storytimes, are still in our plans.
But social tools are here to stay, so are media streams.
And if you can’t that from your library, it should make your ears steam (for real)!

101 new basics have come, our role can’t succumb to evolution
101 is how we get the job done, evolve and make your Library 101!

Bridge 2 (“boy band” style)
Library 101, you need to come get some.
Follow tradition but go new directions and make course corrections and make it come.
Library 101, you need to come get some.
Reference and reading and classes and research
with digital content, check chat on the net,
and though our budgets hurt, we’ve got your wireless,
internet, SMS, gaming, you can bet, on:
Library 101, now we must move along.
whoooooooo whoooooh whoo whooooo

Chorus, Chorus, Chorus, Chorus
101’s challenge can be won, we’ll get the job done while having some fun.
101! We’re beating the drum, Librarians, learn your Library 101!
101! Libraries are some of democracy’s most favorite sons.
101’s how we get the job done, ch-ch-change and make your l-l-l-library 101
101! We can’t be outdone by companies who have profits that stun.
101, and in the long run, it’s what you get done with Library 101!
101! Libraries aren’t done, but if we don’t change people will move on.
101! We’re beating the drum, Librarians, learn your Library 101!
101! We hope this was fun, we want to talk ideas as they come.
101! This song is now done, please go now and make your Library 101!
10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 101!!!!!!!!”

(Many thanks to Kendra for the spell check!)


Four Days In Topeka? Record Library 101!

Last Thursday I left sunny (yes, it was sunny!) Seattle to head to Topeka, KS and record both the audio AND the video for the new library/technology song/video porject called “Library 101″ with David (Lee King). So how did it?

Well, did set up on Thursday in David’s basement, we recorded audio on Friday, then recorded video (in that basement) Friday, late into the night. Then on Saturday moved to another location (a church gym in fact) to set up some special backdrops and lighting and do some more video shooting. It’s hard to quickly describe all that we did, and all the careful thought and planning that went into that. Suffice it to say that it was a HUGE amount of effort this was the physical culmination of months of research, conversation and collaboration (on top of several thousand dollars of materials, software, production and travel expenses).

So, you know, no pressure!

Still, we managed to pull it all off, despite it being brutally hot and crunched for time. Sure, we had to recruit assistance from David’s family (huge thanks to Nathan for his long hours of assistance, L. for painting nails black for the punk scene and D. for doing our eyeliner…yes, eyeliner). And we couldn’t have don it without our friend Jen Waller, who drove in from a trip she was on to spend time with family in Oklahoma. But we did it! We got our audio recorded (even the screaming punk part and the silly, funky boy band part or the song) and all 6 sets and two dozen plus costume/wardrobe changes were successfully filmed during the lip synch sections.

While the editing still awaits, we are feeling grateful to have been able to get so much done in such a tight time and are so looking forward to getting the message of Library 101 out there to Libraryland at large. Watch for the video launch in October, coinciding with a live session at Internet Librarian in Monterrey next month. Oh, and if you are inclined and interested in sponsoring part of the video, drop us a line. Otherwise, just kick back and get ready to rock out, have fun and learn together.

Here are some pictures of the last few days Library 101 events:

Way over in the right corner, is the drum set, the mics, the bass, guitar, banjo and a few other recording devices (David used to work in the recording industry don’t you know!):
Library 101 Audio Recording Session

This is a part of the “boy band” section of the song. It only lasts about 30 seconds, but it had two sets and four costume changes!
Boy Band 1

Yep, this is David ready to $&%*#@!ing punk rock:
David Lee King Library 101 Punk

And, I’m right there with him on that:
MP Punk Library 101

And here we are in that gym, with me in front of the backdrop, the lights and one of the three video cameras. This is one of three multicolored backdrops we shot in front of in the gym:
Hello from the Library 101 set

We hope when the song/video comes out next month that you’ll check it out and join in the Library 101 movement. We’ve got a new set of basics to follow in libraries if we want to stay relevant and useful and we are hoping to advance that with this project. Really, if libraries weren’t so amazing and important, we wouldn’t even try to do all this. Go, go Library 101!


Library 101: The Cartoon T-shirt

"Library 101" Cartoon Shirt Design

You can now get a t-shirt with this cartoon design (and many other “Library 101″ and Libraryman designs) on it. Buying stuff here helps us pay for the Library 101 project, but honestly, it doesn’t make a huge dent (we figured if we sell about 400 t-shirts before we’d break even). So you should really just pick one up if you really like the shirt and project. Oh and thanks to whoever bought the “Libraryman with Pow!” button already. I know it was a librarian because I hadn’t told anybody about the store yet. :)

Here’s a link to the entire Libraryman Zazzle store. Some of the stuff is pretty nice, and, well, you gotta love the word “Zazzle”, right? :)


Library 101 Is All About Change

“We now have new basics in Libraryland, a new “Library 101″, if you will. And embracing a new Library 101 means change is in store. My challenge to all of you is to be that change. Yes, it means some things will be different. Yes, your jobs will adjust. And YES, libraries can be more relevant, secure, useful and practical societal anchors, anchors that do more good and provide more value to society than many of us ever imagined possible. But, that is dependent on all the fine library staff members around the world embracing and shaping the change that a new “Library 101″ can bring. Please join me in the call that is “Library 101″ and do your part to secure a bright, thriving future for libraries. Go and be Library 101! Thank you Libraryland! ”
Library 101 Is All About Change

This post showed up on my facebook page, and I wondered if seeing the debate might be useful, interesting, thought provoking, and hopefully not boring. :) Check it out. What do you think?:
Library 101 facebook comments

You, yes YOU are officially invited to be in our new, inspiring, yet lovably goofy nerdcore music video, “Library 101″!!!!
Hundreds of librarians, technologists and library lovers are already signed up to be in our next big video and we now need YOU join in as well! And it is EASY to do! More info can be found here, but please read on for more details:

Our previous song and video, "hi-fi sci-fi library" was a big hit in Libraryland and beyond in 2008 and now we are at it again. (pssst…you can watch that video below). Getting into this video is actually really easy. Simply take and share a picture of YOU posing with a 0 and a 1! (Tagging it with library101 on flickr will be really helpful). We even have the flickr group linked above where you can put your 101 pictures. So c’mon! Do it and get just a little bit famous! Your family and friends will love finding you pop up in the video (and maybe even your coworkers?)! Put your kids in it! How about the family dog!? And you know grandma loves the library too, riiight? :) The most interesting your submission the more it will be featured, so get creative!

Look for the song and video in October of 2009 (debuting at a special “Connecting Through “Lights, Cameras & Action” session at the Internet Librarian Conference in Monterrey, California).

Click on these two pictures to get your own "1" and "0" to print out and use as a prop in the picture of video you send in for the "Library 101" video! Join in the library fun with us!! (Be sure to use the large size!:)

Here is the "1":
For our new song/video: 8 1/2 X 11 One

Here is the "0":
For our new song/video: 8 1/2 X 11 Oh

Finally, here is that link to the song and video that David and I made last year called “hi-fi sci-fi library”. Watch it and we hope you’ll want to be in this one too!:

PS- You can submit videos for us to include too!!
PPS- If you have any questions please ask away here.
PPPS- Want proof you’ll be in good company if you join in? Check this out!
Library 101 Mosiaic- So far