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Bookish Cartoon

Some days while you are hard at work in the library, do you ever wonder: “Is This Really My Life“?


Art X 10

Below, please find my ten favorite art web sites of the moment. Anybody else have an “Art” folder in their Bookmarks/Favorites? Have any good links to add? Do any art librarians read this blog? Why am I asking so many questions? There is some top notch linkage here, folks. Enjoy!

Mike’s Amazing Cakes
John Hrehov
Chinati Foundation
Yee Haw Industries
Whimsy Load
Duane Keister
Eric Doeringer
Illegal Art


Musica Grande

Finally, on a personal music Library note, I have been ripping my entire music CD collection to my computer this week in prep for an upcoming extend work related trip and just to catch up with the modern world. As a Librarian, I actually am enjoying the process, though it is a bit tedious at times. Opening and recording every CD I?ve amassed in the last 20 years has certainly been a trip down memory lane. If you are looking for some new/old music might you may not have heard before might I suggest:
Cornelius, Fantasma
Big Audio Dynamite, Megatop Pheonix
Boss Hog, Boss Hog
Cocteau Twins, Heaven or Las Vegas
DJ Q-Bert, Wave Twisters
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Michael Brook, Night Song
Laurie Anderson, Mister Heartbreak
Kate Bush, Hounds of Love
The Amps, Pacer
Wesley Willis. R.I. P. dear Weley. Any record of his is worthy, though one is likely enough for most folks. I think his best song is “I’m sorry That I Got Fat”. At least check that one out if you can. :)


Vandalism + Library Books=Art?

This is an interesting story which has spawned an idea that actually seems to hold some potential. Take freakishly vandalized library books and use the creeps work to make art. Seems like you don?t really need other artists to comment on and use his ?work? though to make a point. Isn?t the vandals ?statement? valid enough already to constitute an exhibition? I suppose it could be argued that without the additional artist?s comments, such a show would glorify the original perpetrator.

Here?s another potential Library themed art show we should work on: let?s save the icky and unusual things people return with their books and make an exhibition out of those goodies. Or, we could cover an entire wall with bookmarks returned in books. C?mon, floor to ceiling bookmarks would really catch your eye! Oh, how about this: we could put an enormous, extra fancy gilded frame around the most mangled romance novel we can dig out of the returns. We could call it ?True Literary Tragedy?. It?s funny on so many levels and it really, really makes you think. Now THAT is art, my friend.

Original story from the SF Examiner via LISNews