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The Return of Libraryman!

Joy, joy, joy! The Libraryman blog returns!

With a net full of here today, gone tomorrow web sites and blogs I suppose it would have behooved me to post a little story *before* I disappeared explaining my impending, brief departure. Truth is, as long as I?m around, I?ll try to keep the blog up. The problem is I just wasn?t around. I was way gone, baby!

Several months ago you may have noticed a link to a site that lets you shade in the states in the US and the countries around the world you have visited. A nifty little tool. To demonstrate good reason for the recent disappearance I present to you, faithful reader, my new and improved, nearly accurate world travel map.

Those countires in Asia, Polynesia and the Pacific are where I’ve been. It was a lot a places were added in four months, but I swear thats where I was. And guess what? I?ve got Library pictures galore! From places like Fiji and Shanghai! Stay tuned for that and more, at least until I take off again. ;) Guess what else? I was actually working the whole time! Well most of the time anyway.

Oh, and if you enjoy the blog, why not consider offering me a challenging yet rewarding library related job. After all, a Libraian/Trainer has to earn his bread and butter back here in the states too. You could at least see where I?ve worked for the last four months if you get my resume. :)


Librarian’s Rocks

Donna brings her Library Blog back to life.


I See You Too

Also just tracked the old bloggy blog on technocrati and found a link from ?This Blog ? Talking About Blogging?. Hmmm, who writes this? Wait, I think I know?


Library Blog Why? MP Where?

Be sure to check out Greg Schwartz?s new Librarian/Blogging article over at Web Junction. His six reasons for Librarians to care about blogging is my favorite part. Nice work, Greg!

You?ll all have to pardon me for the recent lack of posts. Riveting LIS news has actually been a bit light lately. Oh who am I kidding; there is never a shortage of high drama in the Library world! Actually, I have been very busy packing and moving my things into storage as I prepare to work overseas for a short time. Of course if I weren?t cataloging everything as I pack it wouldn?t take so long. ;) Let me tell you, it takes some time packing up over 700 different PEZ dispensers


Blogathon 2003

Blogathon 2003
?During the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake.? Even if you just want to enjoy the spectacle, mark your calendar for July 26th. Everything starts at 6:00am Pacific Time.

Also noteworthy is the fact that several of the participating bloggers are earning money for Book Aid International, which works to provide books, training and support to public libraries in Africa.


Library Related Blog Article

SLIS Blog Story
Blogging: Digital Davids In An Internet Goliathy Diane J. Squire
SLIS Network, Alumni Magazine
Spring 2003

If you have a blog, or more specifically a Library related blog, you will likely enjoy parts of this article a great deal. More importantly, if you run a Library related blog and some of your friends and family don?t get it, you can point them here. The article is written in an easy to understand manner and should clarify for your kin folks what your conversations might not have transmitted. Yeah, that’s right, I said “kin folk”.

Especially noteworthy is the ??Librarians and Blogging?? section of the article. Much of this section is taken from an interview with Jenny Levine, of (a site you might enjoy visiting if you haven?t already/lately). This section starts off with this quote:
?Since librarians are the information navigators of all things print and Web, it’s no wonder that they are embracing blogs as a way to communicate with their peers in a timely way.?. Show that quote to your uncle and he might fianlly understand why you work on your blog “business” so much.

Nice work, Jenny and Diane.

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