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Amusing Repetition: yearbookyourself

Whenever something like this comes up I always think “How could a library use this?”. I’m really not sure about this one, but if nothing else it will hopefully amuse. Lots of folks in Libraryland have been making these pretend yearbook photos (via over the past week or two so I gave it a whirl as well. For 15 different years. Then I pieced them all together in PhotoShop and voila’! Heck, Peter Bromberg even made a flickr group for library folks making these. If nothing else, it may amuse.

Clicking the photo will take you to the flick page of the image where there are some pretty funny comments. Oh, btw, I used the same image for this “project” that I used for the video last year of me and Michael Gorman dancing together (and he really was a good sport about that btw).
Michael Porter 1956-1994 Yearbook

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