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Computers in Libraries 2009: Personality

For some time now I’ve wanted to go to a library conference and try and capture the spirit of a single, recurring and highly enjoyable event. So last night I got my camera batteries ready and went to the Speakers Reception at Computers in Libraries hoping to accomplish this mission. My objective was clear: show what folks in Libraryland are like when they let there hair down a bit and are with their friends. I wanted to try and get folks to reveal their personalities as much as possible and be with me and each other and make a record of that in the moment. It is an uplifting experience to celebrate with like mined colleagues, new and old, knowing that we respect each other and face so many similar challenges. At these sorts of events it has always seemed clear to me that people are very grateful to be together and are finally letting themselves relax together, in person. Hopefully this set of images will help tell that story. Libraryland is full of amazing folks and this may show pieces of that more clearly.* Many more pics will go up in the next few days but I had to get these up tonight, fresh off the plane. :)
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*thanks to everyone who took and endured all the snapshots. I’m very grateful to have pictures with so many of you! If you aren’t in this batch, perhaps next year?

PS- Please and tag, names and any other data that is missing to the photos!