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CLA05 Which came first?

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I went to the 2005 California Library Association Conference and all I got was:

1. plenty of time to meet and rub elbows with library folks of all stripes. I was nice to meet and see so many of you!

2. pictures to share with you!.

3. A chance to stick my head in a hole and have my picture taken. This was sponsored by Infopeople, who totally rock and have for years. I good naturedly do have to say that Libraryman came way, way before this promo. Of course, the Libraryman booth was nowhere to be found, so…. :)

4. The opportunity to spend some time hanging out with two of my most excellent library/internet cohorts. Both are exceedingly admirable, smart, funny and full of exciting ideas. Karen Schneider, The Free Range Librarian and Sarah Houghton, The Librarian In Black.

5. A free roast beef sandwich at the OCLC Western luncheon.

6. Yet another bag full of plastic conference swag. The best is the cow shaped fridge magnet from the Rural Libraries Initiative.

**I’ve added a few more Internet Librarian Conference photos (mentioned in the previous post) to that pool as well. My Treo was being stubborn for a short while, but it was worth the wait. Check out the new shot of Michael S. and his giant calculator emerging from the foggy netherworld that was IL05**


Internet Librarian 2005

IL05 Opening Session Bloggers

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I got to wear a BLOGGER ribbon on my name tag at Internet Librarian 2005 and all you got was one lousy post. True, but I’m gonna earn that shiny green ribbon now, floks. See, in addition to general impressions, this post is pointing you towards PICTURES!

View the famous, the nerdy, the new! Read the inside jokes! Question the validity of the tags! Tremble as you ponder the future of the Internet in libraries in the hands of THESE people!

There may be another post about the conference here shortly, but let me just recap by saying this: Best…Conference…Ever. It was just wonderful to meet so many people in person that I had know for years on-line, revisit with many old friends and coworkers and make surprising and even heartwarming new connects and friends. Thanks so much to everyone for their hard work and careful preparation. The content, the company and the conversations were top notch. Inspiring, motivating, reassuring, validating, exciting, promising and intriguing: all words that pop into my head readily as I think back on the past few days. Enjoy the photos everyone! I’ll look for you at next year’s Internet Librarian Conference!


It?s Not Easy Being Green

Envy kicked in with a vengeance last night when I read the post(s) from the It?s All Good ?Library Blogger Salon? at ALA in Chicago. Upon initial read you might guess that ?Library Saloon? might be a more apt description of the meeting, but that would be wildly missing the point. Having that amount of Libraryland brain power, thoughtfulness, professionalism and reputation in one room must surely violate some sort of building code. Oh the conversations I missed!!! Doesn?t this seem like an event that Libraryman should MC? It may be worth noting that he counts bartending among his super powers. Did I mention I?m green with envy?


Emerging Technology

What a cool conference! What a cool presentation at this cool conference. Cool!


More PLA 04 Pics

Michael Stephens has a bunch of great PLA Conference pics up.
Max Anderson has his PLA pics up too.
Let me know if you have PLA pics up too.


PLA Report

Here is my PLA Conference wrap-up post. I?ll try and keep it fairly short, sweet and interesting.

Location, location, location. Seattle is the perfect place for a conference. I wish there were more/bigger facilities at the conference center, but having things so well contained was nice (especially compared to ALA in Chicago).

Content is one of the biggest reasons we go to these things in the first place and for me, the content rocked. Training, supervising and community building were the focus of most of the sessions I went to. All were full of shining examples of success in Libraries. There are so many amazing and surprising Librarians out there! If only there were time to go to more. I heard, however, that some people were turned away from overly packed rooms. This is a major problem.

My fairly extensive travels while training in Public Libraries often didn?t provide examples of wild success. Seeing groundbreaking, highly successful and inspiring Librarians really doing powerful new things in their careers and communities is both motivating and heartwarming. If you are a Librarian and you don?t go to conferences, GO! Recharge your batteries in an excellent city. Get away from home for a week. Meet people working with the same issues you are. They call it professional development for a reason!

The biggest individual highlights for me were:
1. Web Junction! Things are really picking up for these fine folks (which include you and me). They (and OCLC) hosted several functions and meetings, all of which were well attended and very interesting.
2. Meeting with so many absolutely wonderful fellow trainers at the WALT/CLENE meeting. Not only did I get to talk with a couple of old friends here, but also had the chance to talk with a couple of very interesting trainers/administrators I?m really looking forward to working with in the near future.
3. Old friends. Many blog allies, former co-workers and Library world celebrities seemed to be around every corner. It?s so fun to catch up and it is just amazing to see where everyone ends up working and living five, ten, twenty years after you first met them.

Next time you see a Library Conference that looks interesting to you, GO!


PLA pics (Love those name tags)

With my old ACPL/Bastille Day buddy Scott.

Library Men!


PLA Stories Start

Pocky and milk tea, the perfect dessert!
Here’s a handy dandy link to Mr. Tame the Web’s take on spending the afternoon with me. His may very likely be the best PLA 2004 Conference what’s happening with me blog out there. Where does he find the time?

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