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Twitter Sent Me a Shirt

A couple of months ago I blogged about twitter and the beauty of the “fail whale”. So I sent them a link to my post and said that I really would buy said fail whale shirt should they sell them. To my great surprise they replied just a couple of days later saying “We don’t have those, but how about an official twitter shirt?” To which I very happily replied “Oh my! Yes, please!!”. I then sat back and imagined my geek cred level rising once I started strutting around in my new, yet unseen shirt. And what do you know, just two days later that this little number arrived:
twitter sent me a shirt. Thanks twitter!
I hadn’t actually worn it until today though, so it wasn’t twitter that was slow in responding, but me that was slow in posting their rapid reply.

Oh, and after they sent the shirt I learned that the “fail whale” designer actually sells shirts (and other assorted swag).

Also, while reading the latest issue of “Technology Review” magazine (one of my very faves btw), there was a behind the scenes tour of the twitter office. I didn’t see any of these shirts in the images though. ;) *link* though registration is required to view.

Finally, I would again humbly request that you SEND IN YOU WEB CAM LIP SYNCH VIDEO for our (David Lee King and I) library song “hi-fi sci-fi library”. Info here. Have fun with it! And thank you! What are you people, camera shy? Puh-lease!!!! C’mon, I DARE you to do it!