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More Sweet, Delicious alamw2007

ALA Midwinter is over, but continues to age gracefully, opening the full bouquet of library bounty as the dust settles. Library peeps from around the globe now are returned home and have begun reassuming their real and on-line (still real) identies. What did that last sentence mean? I don’t know for sure, but I think it was something like: Cool stuff from Midwinter is still showing up on-line!

For one thing, (though it may not qualify as “cool” to everyone), you can find this presentation on flickr. Me is meant as a good thing here, more of an outward reaching concept for sharing and libraries than a selfish individualistic worldview. Click the pic below for linkage:
Gimme Gimme Gimme Set & Summary

Also, lots and lots of conference photos are showing up on flickr with the tag alamw2007. That’s the tag that the collective decided on, right? Check out the most “interesting” here.

Also today, David Lee King posted a video of he and I doing some booty shakin’ with the video game Dance Dance Revolution at the ALA TechSource booth. Alright, it may not technically be booty shaking, more stomping really, but you can tell we were havin’ us some fun! I hope they have Karaoke Revolution next year. :)

If you’ve left something cool on-line from alamw2007 and want to share it here, I’d love to see it. Stick a link in the comments, baby!


HLA 06 Says Hi to YouTube

Here is a bit of why:

1. the Treo 650 isn?t sufficient as a camera/video phone.

2. camera/video phones have so much potential.

3. uploading video always needs to be easier before it?ll truly reach critical mass (this took several tries several different ways before it worked).

4. HI lib folks rock (one of the little reasons anyway).

These sorts of posts don?t usually go here, but a couple of most excellent folks suggested I do it ….so here goes:

Five Things You Probably Don?t Know About Me:

1. Since my recent move I can see large bodies of water from my office, living room and bedroom. I am very, very grateful for this!

2. When I tell library folks ?In my world, you?re a superstar!? it is not meant to be the least bit ironic and I totally mean it. Some of my best library friends really are also my real life heroes and if I didn?t know them I would still be their fans.

3. My favorite non-English languages are Italian and Japanese.

4. I am concerned about the collapse of western civilization, but try to live life like I don?t think it is going to happen.

5. I love to sing karaoke but it scares me silly to actually do it. Dream songs to karaoke include: ?Lovin?, Touchin?, Squeezing? by Journey, ?One On One? by Hall & Oates, and either ?Virginia Plain? or ?Do the Strand? by Roxy Music. I?ll try the first two but Roxy Music would just be embarrassing. My current favorite song to karaoke is ?Too Funky? by George Michael. Rock!

Four other people to fill this out? Hmmm let?s see here…how about two Jennifers, one Cory and a Chad (and five more from Maire while you?re at it:).

Kankakee and MP PC (podcast)

We sure had fun talking, but will it be fun to listen to? Thanks to Allison and Steve at the Kankakee Public Library for working up this (not so) little ?BiblioTech? podcast. This is a very relaxed and hopefully somewhat inspiring library technology conversation. Even if the podcast thing isn?t your style, be sure to check out the KPL web site. It rocks the bells and they are the bees knees, baby. It truly was an honor to talk with them about LibraryMan, ?2.0″, ?getting things done?, and library tech stuff in general.

The KPL Podcast Page Is Here?

Keep Up!

Originally uploaded by libraryman.

This is the banner ad for the full day, emerging library technology workshop that I’ll be teaching in the western US several times over the next few months. Woo Hoo!

With a library-centric focus, we will demonstrate and discuss a surprisingly wide variety of thought provoking and potentially sea changing current and future library technology issues. Substantial resources and instructions are provided along with the classroom demonstrations and discussion. All of this is focused on the goal of getting you back to your library ready to implement those things that you learned in class that will best serve your library and your community. With clear explanations and resources to use back in the library you will likely grow to understand much more that you expected to.

I’ve never been this excited about a class before, even the digital imaging or community outreach classes! If attendance is good (and we really hope that happens) we will be able to offer more classes in more places around the Western US. For now however, if you are in the greater Los Angeles, Ontario (California), San Diego, Portland or Seattle areas you can sign up now for classes in November and December. Details, dates and times can be found via this link to the workshop web page.

I’d love to hear what you all think. If you have any content you think I absolutely should not miss please do let me know. I have quite a collection or resources ready, but there is so much good material out there right now about exciting, practical lib tech that I’m sure I don’t have every good thing I could use. Thanks much for your help all my wonderful blog friends and tell all your library buddies to come to this class! Hope to see you there!

PS-See why I haven’t posted to the blog more lately? In addition to several other big projects, this class has been getting energy I would have previously put into updating the blog more often. The blog will march forward though! :)


Beginning of The End?

No, but…
There is a quote in the movie version of i, robot that mentions the old fashioned folks who mourned and decried the death of libraries due to the net. Was the quote from this scene passed around the blogosphere while I was away this Spring/Summer? Didn’t see it in Feedster if it was. Guess the internet hasn’t made a good human search irrelevant just yet. ;)

Along these lines, Lorcan Dempsey’s blog points us towards a mention of proposed subject librarian staffing reductions at a university in the UK. This is due, naturally *smirk*, to the fact that “The university management thinks that technology has ‘deskilled’ literature searching”.

Say what you will about the movie version of the book and how it didn’t stick to the original story but maybe it didn’t lose the plot completely?


New Blog Buddy

Just got an email from my new CLENE/Training pal Gail. If you aren?t afraid to talk with people (and how many Librarians are?) you can meet some fantastic folks with lots of helpful information to share at a conference. Gail has done some amazing things with libraries over the years and I?m really looking forward to working with her sometime soon. You can check out her web site here and her new blog here.


Meeting A Library Celebrity

One of the best things to come from my recent time in Indiana was meeting the famous Michael Stephens in person! Michael is a quite humble, but for those that don?t already know, he is a teacher, technology trainer, book author, conference presenter par excellence and author of the beloved Tame the Web Library blog.

We met up at his Library in lovely downtown South Bend, IN where I got to check out their surprisingly well designed and supported training program, meet several of the great staff members there and tour the facility. We even visited their flagship branch Library, complete with snack shop, fireplace and wifi enabled outdoor garden. Of course, it was more of an ice garden in January, but during most of the year it would be a lovely high tech oasis.

At any rate, we had a fine time. There was an enlightening conversion of ideas the likes of which you only can have on those happy occasions when you bump into like minded professionals you also happen to be friends with. Thank you so much Michael for the warm welcome, the outstanding visit and for teaching me that South Bend has suprisingly tasty Thai food.

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