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Here are some goodies for my Libraryland Brothers and Sisters out there joining in the 365 Library Days Project fun!

Use ‘em on your web page, your blog, your flickr stream…wherever you like. Go nuts!

Feel free to add you own banners here if you are inspired to make any!

Here are mine:
365 Library Days Project: Feel Free To Use This Banner!

365 Library Days Project: Feel Free To Use This Banner!

365 Library Days Project

I’ll be posting an update on the project this weekend with some numbers and side stories, but suffice it to say the participation level is pretty high! Libraryland never ceases to amaze! 365libs go, go, go! Library workers go, go, go!!!


365 Library Days Project: The Beginning

365 Library Days Project
Will you join in? What do you think of the idea? The group is up and ready to go, so why not learn more? Here’s the idea:

Let’s get as many libraries as we can to sign up for and actively participate in a customized, library friendly version of the 365 project.
That would mean that if you decide to participate, you would commit to downloading at least 365 pictures from in, around or about the library you work in, for and/or with. Uploading a picture every day for 365 days in this case wouldn’t be practical for most folks, but committing to 365 images in a year could be done fairly easily. It could also have HUGE value for your library.

Just imagine what a valuable historic document you could create for your library with this project! And while you’re at it, at the end of your year commitment, you could contact your local newspaper and tell them about the project, where they could do a story and print selected pictures that you took over the year. Such a substantive advocacy project! It would demonstrate in very real ways, ways that get lost to many people in your community, that you and your library are doing important work every day of the year!

If you decide to take part, please add the photos you upload for the project into this group.

If you take part, please also tag the pictures you take for this project with the tag: 365libs

Finally, if you have any questions, I am willing to help. Drop me (Michael Porter, libraryman on flickr) a line via flickr mail or email me and I’ll help you get things running if you have any trouble.

Take pictures in/about/for your library! Share them! Join this community! Use this project and it’s collection as a powerful advocacy tool!

See you around the 365 Library Days Project Page!

PS-I almost never ask for this sort of thing, but this is a real community based project. So… if you think this 365 Library Days Project is a good idea, please give it a plug on your blog or in your conversations with your fellow library folks out there so we can get more libraries involved. The potential here from an advocacy perspective really is substantial!

Well now we’ve gone and done it. No more hiding the silly presentation jokes from the general public any longer. You see, Steve Lawson and I just finished our flickr presentation that was our contribution to the Five Weeks To A Social Library series that is in full swing right now. Even though we just gave our presentation this afternoon, you can already listen to it and view the entire archived presentation here. Wow! That was fast! Thanks Tom Peters! (Be warned that the video/slides will not work if you use Firefox, just IE.)

Thanks very much to all the organizers and also to everyone that attended. Steve and I worked pretty hard to present valuable content in a manner that would be both practical and entertaining. Feel free to take a look and see for yourself.
flickr for Social Libraries: Presentation

Thanks again to all the folks that attended and also to all the Five Weeks To A Social Library organizers Thanks also Meredith Farkas, Tom Miller, Karen Coombs and Steve Lawson, (my most excellent co-presentor). It was fun!


A Happily Converged Recursive Spiral

This image in this post is just slightly freaky when you read what it includes and how the image came to be posted to the blog tonight. It’s deep, shallow and goes ’round and ’round.
So yesterday I blogged about Pandora and libraries (again, sorry), tonight I was working a bit at home and listening away to my good friend Pandora when a “frame ad” came up around the player. The ad? It was from the folks at Palm, for the Treo. In this series of ads, they mention the different ways you can integrate a Treo into your life. Interestingly, the ad I saw highlighted flickr. So, I whip out my Treo, while listening to Pandora, take a picture of the flickr/Treo/Palm/Pandora screen and upload it to flickr. Then I go into my blog editing software and write this post. Which will now include some code that will make a picture showing you an amazingly deep example of convergence show up for you. Enjoy!
Hyper Recursive


More Sweet, Delicious alamw2007

ALA Midwinter is over, but continues to age gracefully, opening the full bouquet of library bounty as the dust settles. Library peeps from around the globe now are returned home and have begun reassuming their real and on-line (still real) identies. What did that last sentence mean? I don’t know for sure, but I think it was something like: Cool stuff from Midwinter is still showing up on-line!

For one thing, (though it may not qualify as “cool” to everyone), you can find this presentation on flickr. Me is meant as a good thing here, more of an outward reaching concept for sharing and libraries than a selfish individualistic worldview. Click the pic below for linkage:
Gimme Gimme Gimme Set & Summary

Also, lots and lots of conference photos are showing up on flickr with the tag alamw2007. That’s the tag that the collective decided on, right? Check out the most “interesting” here.

Also today, David Lee King posted a video of he and I doing some booty shakin’ with the video game Dance Dance Revolution at the ALA TechSource booth. Alright, it may not technically be booty shaking, more stomping really, but you can tell we were havin’ us some fun! I hope they have Karaoke Revolution next year. :)

If you’ve left something cool on-line from alamw2007 and want to share it here, I’d love to see it. Stick a link in the comments, baby!


3 Cheers For 3 Ho’s

In keeping with the season and the desire to keep up with shiny new/fun toys:
Click the pic below to see the new flickr easter eggs in action.

Click This To See Your Libraryman Holiday Card

What will they do next with flickr easter eggs?? Fun is in store with this one! I want a bunch of library related badges and thought balloons! “I just visited the library”, “I *heart* my library”, “Love a librarian”, etc, etc…

Started a flickr easter eggs group just in case more pop up *fingers crossed*

Kankakee and MP PC (podcast)

We sure had fun talking, but will it be fun to listen to? Thanks to Allison and Steve at the Kankakee Public Library for working up this (not so) little ?BiblioTech? podcast. This is a very relaxed and hopefully somewhat inspiring library technology conversation. Even if the podcast thing isn?t your style, be sure to check out the KPL web site. It rocks the bells and they are the bees knees, baby. It truly was an honor to talk with them about LibraryMan, ?2.0″, ?getting things done?, and library tech stuff in general.

The KPL Podcast Page Is Here?

The Libraries and Librarians Group on Flickr:
One Year, 700 Members, 3,500 Images (with both images and members coming from six continents), two tagging projects, one mash-up, 22 discusion threads, oh my!

As we hit a series of nice round numbers for the Libraries and Librarians Group on Flickr, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated and made the group the amazing resource and community that it is today.

Along these lines, if any of you are going to be at the Internet Librarian Conference this year there is going to be a presentation on Flickr. It will cover lots of ways libraries can use it as a tool for searching, outreach, marketing, connecting, community building and technical innovation. I’ll be presenting with some other (more impressive I might add:) folks too. Folks from other countries even! Now that is community, baby! :) I’ve been talking about Flickr and libraries quite a lot this past year, all over the country, but this one is near and dear to my heart.

Here is the description of the presentation:
Flickr & Libraries at the Internet Librarian 2006 Conference

If you haven’t checked out Flickr, or this specific Flickr Group please do. Here’ is a link to the Libraries and Librarians Group page.


Flickr + Australia = Good On You

Ready for some Deep Community? Yesterday an email came through from someone I know through teaching the ?Keep Up!? library technology workshops. In the message (thanks, Sarah) was a link to this page detailing a partnership with, 41 other(mostly Australian) governmental and community institutions and Flickr. This is crazy cool!

Lots of folks know that Flickr is about sharing digital photos (and community and so much more). Many of us even have set up a Flickr photo streams for our own library (nice work!). However, a smaller number are likely familiar with PictureAustralia, which is ?an Internet based service that allows you to search many significant online pictorial collections at the same time?.

So PictureAustralia is a database of archival Australian images. Mostly older archival images. These are obviously amazingly valuable and useful, just not often especially contemporary. Picture Australia?s new Flickr partnership will easily allow millions (my estimate) of contemporary snapshots of Australian life to be added to their image database in an amazingly short amount of time.

How will it work? Well, PictureAustralia has two Flickr photo pools (aka groups). The images added to the pools will be what “harvests” weekly to augment their archival image database. Cool X3!!!

Interestingly, PictureAustralia will also ?collect the metadata? for the photos in their Flickr groups. Folksonomies get a rather impressive stamp of approval this way, no? I wonder if they will collect date stamp/camera info as well? Speaking from experience in a very simialr situation I can attest to both the value and trouble of adding consistant tags in a group like this. I wonder if they will make any attempt to do this, and if so to what extent? Oh, I’ve got ideas! :)

It is interesting that they decided to partner with Flick (with is by extension now also Yahoo!) rather than create their own tool, eh?

As we?ve seen with the very widely used Libraries and Librarians Group on Flickr, (469 members and 2268 images in the pool today), this idea will surely take wing, grow community and contribute significantly to the level of public participation, discourse and documentation. Except this time it has been kicked up a couple of notches, to a national (international really as New Zealand is also involved) level.

I?d really love to talk with some folks that worked on this deal, but more than that I want to ask the National Library of Australia and PictureAustralia: ?Why didn?t you just hire me to help head up this program??. ;) Even without my input, I still give all the folks involved with this project a very hearty ?Good on you!?. This will be a fun one to watch!


GeoMapped Libs

GeoMapped Libs

Originally uploaded by libraryman.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a global map dotted with markers indicating where you could click to see pictures of the library in that exact geographic location? How in the heck would you make something like that work anyway?

Well prepare to “Ohhh”? and “Ahhh”?! The Libraries and Librarians Flickr Group is at it again with another super spiffy application of technology. Can you say Web 2.0? :) . Actually, Lluisa , Russell and GeoBloggers folks (its author Dan Catt to be exact) have put their heads together and come up with a site to view GeoTagged pictures from the group photo pool. Amazing!

As more images are properly GeoTagged the page will become even more impressive. Join in the fun and contribute to the community! At last count we had 1495 images and 317 members on six continets in the group! Add your library photos to the Libraries and Librarians Flickr group and then add some GeoTags. The directions for doing this are included in the discussion HERE.

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