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Librarians In Shower Caps!

Fave flickr group of the day: Librarians In Shower Caps. Mosaic below justifies opinion:

Librarians In Shower Caps Mosaic

Thanks to Rochelle for creating the group and to all of the fab models! I propose the tag “libshowercaps” for all photos in this group. :)

PS-Here’s a link to a similar group called “Librarians In Hardhats”. An oldie but a goodie!


Thank You Friends. Forget You, Bad Host!

A huge thank you to the folks who spend their time, thought and energy to read this blog. I try to make it a bit fun, a bit interesting , a bit unique and totally worth your time. I truly appreciate that you come here for content during your busy day. So it makes me concerned, then sad and finally mad when my hosting service messes things up and my site goes down.

After two major server failures and days of misleading, thinly veiled false promises and inaction called action by a company called iPowerWeb, I have moved the hosting of this site to another company. Or rather, I have worked with my kind and generous friend, Kris Bell, to get the site moved over. It wasn’t fun. It took work and a big hunk of time that neither of us had. And we are both disappointed with iPowerWeb. I appreciate the times when they provided reliable uptime. Those days ended however and their customer support, while there, did nothing but poo poo the fact that went down during two critical times for me professionally. Shame on you iPowerWeb!

With that, I make lemonade from the lemons they foisted on me (and you), I thank my amazing friend and colleague Kris Bell for his hard work on short notice, I also really want to thank you, dear Libraryland readers, for sticking around during the outages. Now, I take my sweet, sweet visual revenge:

The Good Dark Side

Misleading Customer Service Kills Your Business

btw, it is 11:25pm. I am still at work because I needed to start working on this the second I was done with my “work work” to avoid more down time. Shame on you, iPowerWeb. You should refund my money and buy me the crappy drive through tacos I have to go get for dinner. Pfffft!


It’s True, She Really Did

It's True.

She Blinded Me With Science” was the first record I ever bought (a 45 even!). I was in 6th grade and it blew my little preteen mind, man!

You can buy the shirt here, but be warned, you might have to wait a couple of months for delivery. Worth the wait? Oh my yes!


3 Cheers For 3 Ho’s

In keeping with the season and the desire to keep up with shiny new/fun toys:
Click the pic below to see the new flickr easter eggs in action.

Click This To See Your Libraryman Holiday Card

What will they do next with flickr easter eggs?? Fun is in store with this one! I want a bunch of library related badges and thought balloons! “I just visited the library”, “I *heart* my library”, “Love a librarian”, etc, etc…

Started a flickr easter eggs group just in case more pop up *fingers crossed*


Bender’s Library Bender

Bender’s Library Bender
In Futuramaland, when robots don’t drink, they get drunk and grow five o’clock shadows/beard made of rust. In a fit of emotion, Bender goes on a non-alcohol bender, doing things totally unrelated to alcohol…like visiting the Public Library! Let the alcohol in the library comments fly!


Lib Blogger Pop

I know every library blogger (and all their proudly blogging mothers) will be posting about this one for weeks, but still, I have to give the Laguhing Librarian’s author, Brian Smith, mad props for this one. If you haven’t seen it yet you must check out the The Blogga Song.

And special thanks to Brian for sticking me in there, especially next to an otter. Otters rule and so does this little ditty!


Worst Patron Ever

I had a work related nightmare once and it went something like this. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a dress in the dream so this isn’t exactly right. Thanks for the link, CP!


Mars Attacks!

(You may have to click the *Go* button in the middle of the sceen at the top of the window)
Thanks, LiB


Eat A Book

Books 2 eat. I?m doing some book related baking next year!

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