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A Tricky Facebook Background

Admittedly this post is more for geeks who like to jazz up their facebook profiles and can also do a little photo editing. Even if that isn’t you it might be mildly amusing to see. :) Usually your profile image on facebook fills a little box that sort of floats there in the upper left corner of your profile. But with a little photo editing you can make a pretty spiffy “floaty” profile image. You don’t have to do the first step yourself because you can use this image for your background (be sure to click on it to get the largest size for your background):
fb empty background
The next part takes a little bit of experience photo editing but it really isn’t too hard. What you need to do is layer a picture over the background above. It will look like this after you have completed the layering:
second image layered on transparent backgound for fb
Then you just upload that pic as your profile image on facebook. On your profile page you’ll look all floaty:
floaty facebook profile image
People will say “Oh wow! That’s cool!” Or not. Either way, you can do it yourself if you really want to. If not, you know, thats totally cool too. :)
Thanks to Katie for having this on her profile. Such a neat idea!