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Go Bill!

You’ve gotta love it when the lead story on CNN is “Clinton Dedicates Presidential Library“.
Clinton Presidential Center
Links to all Presidential Libraries



The front lawn of the Lahaina, Maui Public Library is a tempting place for a nap.

Mahalo for not using the book drop during business hours.


Auckland Public Library

Ahhh, Auckland. The first library uncovered during the latest globe trotting adventures of the folks here at Auckland has a great “feel” and appeared to be a very livable city. “Great teeth, a nice smell, a class act alllll the way.” The main library alone is worth the visit! btw, the guy leaning over the metal gate is not throwing up; he’s talking on his cell phone.
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Also, via a link from Mr. Power, is a quote all of you Librarians and Trainers may have asked yourself at one time or another.

Oh, and the Prince concert here last night a Key Arena was slammin’! KB, did you see him in Portland?


University and Public Library

Via ResourceShelf is a story about the first co-managed city/university library in the US. Often the real amount of public access available at your nearest university library is quietly overlooked, though you are most likely able to use their collection as you wish. At least at state universities. In fact, I plan on going to the UW library this weekend to do some Library research.

It will be interesting to see how this joint venture succeeds. There are already many combination public/public school Libraries in place. There is also some debate as to how much this kind of facility/collection/expertise sharing waters down the work Librarians do. Plus there is the issue of the survival of each distinct type of institution. The school Library isn?t the public Library, that?s for sure. Sure, they might have beautiful kids, but they just aren?t the same creature.


NASA at the Library

Check out NASA at the Library
“A traveling exhibit brings a taste of outer space to your community library”
Sounds like a blast, especially for the young ‘uns.

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