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Kankakee and MP PC (podcast)

We sure had fun talking, but will it be fun to listen to? Thanks to Allison and Steve at the Kankakee Public Library for working up this (not so) little ?BiblioTech? podcast. This is a very relaxed and hopefully somewhat inspiring library technology conversation. Even if the podcast thing isn?t your style, be sure to check out the KPL web site. It rocks the bells and they are the bees knees, baby. It truly was an honor to talk with them about LibraryMan, ?2.0″, ?getting things done?, and library tech stuff in general.

The KPL Podcast Page Is Here?

Podcasting has officially become ubiquitous. It was a tad surprising to see this banner add on but hey, if it works for marketing movies perhaps even more libraries should consider using the tool? Greg has some great librarycentric info on the subject at Open Stacks if you’re so inclined

The movie is predicted to be a real stinker btw. Look for it on Netflix soon. ;)

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