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From the last post you can see that David and I recorded a snappy little library song last week. We are really proud of the work we’ve produced and now YOU get a chance to be in the video!! It is jumpy little ditty about library futures, technology and how we will succeed as libraries.
Please listen to this short snippet and then…..shoot a brief video of you singing along! Thats all it takes! You can use a web cam, or any other camera you like and send it to the email below. It should really only take a few minutes on your end, and after we get the videos, we’ll take the best and put them in the video we are hard at work on! Of course, please also feel free to send other video that might go along with the title/theme of the song “hi-fi sci-fi library” (costumes are very welcome by the way!:)
So join in the fun and star in a video with us! This is your official invite! We are looking forward to seeing YOU in our upcoming video!

Here is a link to the very short snippet to sing along with (you can download it even if you want). The “hi-fi sci-fi library” part is what we really need to see you singing.

If you have you have a webcam, you really should be emailing your video to: michael.libraryman *At Sign**

Please send your clips in to the above address no later than August 24th, 2008.

We are really looking forward to seeing you in the video with us!!!!!!!!!

-Michael Porter and David Lee King

Now playing: David Lee King & Michael Porter – hi-fi sci-fi library


facebook Maneuvers and TweetVolume

In fairly huge social networking news, if you aren’t using (or at least monitoring the maneuvers of) facebook much lately, you might consider firing up your account again. They have been adding outside app functionality (with a few hickups, natch) in ways I’d hoped might show up on a social library web site first. *grumble* The facebook Developers Platform will help you make your own if you are smarter than me in this regard. I lament that this didn’t show up in Libraryland first, but you know, I also wish I could have written Sgt. Peppers and wishin’ don’t mean I’ve got the chops, brother! Still, it’s made the weekend more interesting watching people/friends/colleagues dive in over the weekend. Superpatron (Edward V.) said it best via twitter when he sent out the message “You got your facebook in my twitter!”. I love you, you glorious geek! :)

In other, more lighthearted social networking news, Tweet Volume is a tool that tells you how often words are being used on twitter. Hmmm…anybody else see the word occurrence below as telling?
I'm just sayin': Memorial Day oclc ala sex library 2.0 TweetVolumes
Thanks to thefreerangelibrarian for the Tweet Volume heads up. KGS, you are the bomb.


Libraryman on Ikea Hacker

Have you heard about the Ikea Hacker web site? It is themed around real projects people have completed that creatively use IKEA products. There are some pretty interesting projects posted on occasion and it can be a really fun and inspiring diversion if that sort of thing is your bag. While this isn’t *exactly* library related, if you count the fact that I finished my recent decorating project at the new place specifically for a party I hosted for WebJunction folks, well then it counts. Regardless, I am pleased as punch that the folks ’round Ikea Hacker way decided to post one of my very own Ikea hacks. There are actually several hacks in the single image posted, which makes it sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” for the Ikea dork set. If you are so inclined, here is a link to the post. Enjoy!

PS-Added value to this story: The connection to the image and the Ikea Hacker site was made through a group on flickr. Social software in action again, y’all!

Seriously, this blog post includes six or seven individual things (some fairly unusual) that I really wanted to post over the last two weeks. Strap yourselves in! (or hit your back button I suppose). Here goes:

One big cheer for reliable web hosting. Yeee Haaa!

Thanks very much to the folks at the Santiago Library System and MCLS for hosting the impressive “Generation Tech” day at the Nixon Memorial Library. Just because I know my mom is going to read this, here’s a very generous quote from the conference blog:
“The heart of the Generation Tech conference was the animated presentation by Michael Porter… . Vital decisions are being made today, he stressed, ones that will impact the patrons of the future. Porter acknowledged that “technology is not always the right answer” to every problem but that libraries are misguided if they simply let private organizations provide the kind of information services they are used to offering.”.
Rest assured, my mother will scold me for a lack of humility for including the above. :) There are a bunch of pictures here, though this is one of my favorites:
My Best Nixon Impersonation
Thanks also to my flickr/Libraryland friend Sarah Mae, who was kind enough to drive to Yorba Linda and have a meal with me before the “Generation Tech” gig. It was great to meet you in person SMRML! :)

There are also a bunch of shots up from my trip last week to NYC for the Brooklyn Public Library’s Emerging technology Conference. I want to thank all the folks who worked so hard to put this together and also to Nick and his library pals for hanging out over bbq afterwards. Thanks also to my portrait averse though very pleasant and fun flickr friend Norma for spending Sunday afternoon with me. Don’t we both have good taste, Normah? :) I heart NYC, Giant Robot and Pressed Toast.

Shifting gears, if you are going to be looking for an amazing job any time soon, check out Chrystie’s recent post to BlogJunction, where she drops some interesting hints. *ahem*

Now in the home stretch of this ultra-mega blog post, for those who care and didn’t notice it, I took part in the 24 hours of flickr project last week. Quite simply, the goal was to document an entire 24 hour period in pictures. During my 24hrs of flickr I went to bed too late, got up too early, flew from Seattle to NYC via Cincinnati and ended my day in Times Square. It’s a project I’ve wanted to tackle for years and while it was a lot of work on a day when I was pretty wiped, it’s nice to have the document, all of which you can view by going here. It’s pretty PG stuff, but there is a picture of me in the shower. Run away! Run away! ;)

And another thing! On a completely unlibrary related subject, I can’t stop listening to this song. I know, I know, it isn’t high art, but doesn’t it make you want to dance?

Let’s see… what else… Oh! I have a bad cold. *ahoo!*

Finally, I am very happy to drop a big ole’ hint here that it looks like I may have a very happy professional announcement to make here on the libraryman web site within the week. It may be time to break out the champagne and the pencils!

PS-I have listened to the song linked above 1,2,3,4…six times while writing this post. “Perfection!”


Thank You Friends. Forget You, Bad Host!

A huge thank you to the folks who spend their time, thought and energy to read this blog. I try to make it a bit fun, a bit interesting , a bit unique and totally worth your time. I truly appreciate that you come here for content during your busy day. So it makes me concerned, then sad and finally mad when my hosting service messes things up and my site goes down.

After two major server failures and days of misleading, thinly veiled false promises and inaction called action by a company called iPowerWeb, I have moved the hosting of this site to another company. Or rather, I have worked with my kind and generous friend, Kris Bell, to get the site moved over. It wasn’t fun. It took work and a big hunk of time that neither of us had. And we are both disappointed with iPowerWeb. I appreciate the times when they provided reliable uptime. Those days ended however and their customer support, while there, did nothing but poo poo the fact that went down during two critical times for me professionally. Shame on you iPowerWeb!

With that, I make lemonade from the lemons they foisted on me (and you), I thank my amazing friend and colleague Kris Bell for his hard work on short notice, I also really want to thank you, dear Libraryland readers, for sticking around during the outages. Now, I take my sweet, sweet visual revenge:

The Good Dark Side

Misleading Customer Service Kills Your Business

btw, it is 11:25pm. I am still at work because I needed to start working on this the second I was done with my “work work” to avoid more down time. Shame on you, iPowerWeb. You should refund my money and buy me the crappy drive through tacos I have to go get for dinner. Pfffft!



Make you favicon 3-D? Most certainly. As long as you have a favicon (that cute little picture that shows up to the left of the URL in the address bar).
Here is’s favicon in 3-D:

3-D MP

Here is the link to favicon2dots, where you can make one.
Here is a link to Matt’s site, where I found the link.

These sorts of posts don?t usually go here, but a couple of most excellent folks suggested I do it ….so here goes:

Five Things You Probably Don?t Know About Me:

1. Since my recent move I can see large bodies of water from my office, living room and bedroom. I am very, very grateful for this!

2. When I tell library folks ?In my world, you?re a superstar!? it is not meant to be the least bit ironic and I totally mean it. Some of my best library friends really are also my real life heroes and if I didn?t know them I would still be their fans.

3. My favorite non-English languages are Italian and Japanese.

4. I am concerned about the collapse of western civilization, but try to live life like I don?t think it is going to happen.

5. I love to sing karaoke but it scares me silly to actually do it. Dream songs to karaoke include: ?Lovin?, Touchin?, Squeezing? by Journey, ?One On One? by Hall & Oates, and either ?Virginia Plain? or ?Do the Strand? by Roxy Music. I?ll try the first two but Roxy Music would just be embarrassing. My current favorite song to karaoke is ?Too Funky? by George Michael. Rock!

Four other people to fill this out? Hmmm let?s see here…how about two Jennifers, one Cory and a Chad (and five more from Maire while you?re at it:).


Libraryman Lyrics?

Not to be too Libraryman centric here, but I dug this up last night on the web and frankly, it is freaking me out.


Yearly Wrap Up

Do the rest of you bloggers out there throw away more entries than you post? I’ve written many, many things that just never made it to the ole’ bloggy blog this year. In gearing up for my annual year end computer cleaning, I’ll put up a few “nearly made it” posts over the next week or so. In fact, here are a couple of “lost posts” right now. Truth be told, posting them just helps me feel like I wasn’t wasting my time. I know, I know, the journey is the reward and all, but it?s good to bear fruit from your efforts too. At any rate, I hope everyone has a fun, safe, rewarding and peaceful New Year. Thanks for reading the libraryman blog!



Gone Culling

The web is becoming less of a wading experience and more of a culling exercise. Culling, not curling.

Definition number one for ?cull? from the wiktionary is: ?To pick something?. Exactly. Having spent way too much time wading through masses of pages and links on the net, definition number three?s visceral imagery sounds good too: ?To select animals from a group and kill them in order to reduce the numbers of the group in a controlled way.?

RSS is a brilliant idea, but it hasn?t always been practical. Now it is. I use Bloglines. This tool has significantly streamlined and improved my use of time on the web. Not that I?m spending less time on the net, its just that the way that time spent there is much more focused, informative and entertaining.

My initial experiences with RSS and aggregators (which is what Bloglines is) fell flat. They seemed indirect and impractical. Honestly, I gave up on the idea for a while. But now Bloglines is my browser?s new start page.

So if you are one of those folks that learns best from doing, even if you don’t really understand RSS or aggregators much, sign up with Bloglines and add a few of your favorite web sites and your friends blogs. You can even subscribe to my feed using the URL you lucky, lucky person. After you have added a few page “feeds” into Bloglines, check back in a day or two. Freakin? sweet, man! It?s free even. What’s to stop you from giving it a shot? Trust me, it makes sense when you set it up and see it working its magic on your web experience. If not, ask and I’ll even try and help.