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Minneapolis in 1933

So much drama has surrounded the Minneapolis PL in the last year or two it’s like some kind of Library Soap Opera only with serious consequences. This Librarian’s Report may be from 1933, but it is quite timely. Gratia was quite a lady. She wouldn’t have liked me to buy her a beer, but I would have loved to have had lunch with her at ALA.

Favorite intro quote:
“Library hours are being drastically reduced while bar hours are being extended”
Funniest article quote:
“But we are also getting other problems. At several branches this fall, young men and women, evidently high school students, have organized an assault of disorder and noise on Monday evenings, which has been hard to cope with. We are already getting “in person” some of those who are doing their bit to balance the budget by consuming overmuch newlylegalized alcohol.”
Via LISNews