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The Santiago Library System has created a pretty spiffy flier for an upcoming event that I am very honored to be taking part in next month. I’ve had a chance to speak with a couple of the other presenters and I believe they will be quite interesting and certainly worth the time it takes to attend. I already know the audience ’round Santiago LS and MCLS land is pretty amazing, so it should be a great day all around (though I can admit that this is a bit of an intimidating crowd and not scare any potential attendees away, right?). At any rate, the event even includes lunch and a library tour, so how can you go wrong?

If you see me there be sure to say hello. I’ll do the same!

Generation Tech - Upcoming So Cal Presentation

Thanks M! ;)


Hello Goodbye Hello

Well, well, well! It appears that the Gremlins that visited last week have finally been run off to go pester someone else. In other words, the site is now totally back up (and even slightly improved). There have been a few blog posts that couldn’t be added over the last week and I really hope to get them up over the weekend. A couple pretty nifty things have happened ’round libraryman way!

In the meantime to give this post a bit of content, here is my updated upcoming presentation schedule (more are in works too. Wo hoo!). It seems appropriate to send out some genuine thanks to both the institutions that have hosted (or allowed me to:) speak with/to them. Also, a huge thanks to the overwelmingly patient, responsive and truly impressive audiences I have been so fortunate to engage with. It really is an honor each and every time and I always strive to do my best so your time and attention is honored. If you’ll be around for any of the following, I look forward to meeting you!


NWEG -Northwest Endeavor (Ex-Libris) User Group -June 7
Emerging Library Fulfillment: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and Patrons
Keynote – Spokane, WA


Brooklyn Public Library Emerging Technology Conference -May 7
Practical, Fun and Easy: High value emerging library technologies you can use now.
Keynote – Brooklyn, NY

Santiago Library System/MCLS -May 2
Los Angeles, CA


Washington Library Association Conference -April 18-21
Libraries, Portable Electronics and Media Access Futures
Tri-Cities, WA


iEdge @ UW -March 28
Research Shapes WebJunction: Web Design and E-Learning
(with contributions from Rachel Van Noord and Chrystie Hill)
Seattle, WA
(Just took part in this one Wednesday and big kudos go out the the UW folks that put this surrisingly valuable, informative and effective conference together. I hope you continue to do it as it is a high value proposition imo).

*A gigantic thank you to the always helpful and amazingly savvy, Kris Bell for helping sort out what happened to the site and how to approach a solution. He also talked me down from my expletive riddled tirade, which was sorely needed as I was in the office at the time. (Not really!;). Anyway, thanks again Kris, you are solid gold.*

From a quick email conversation today about conference presentations comes a blog entry about a word that I have been holding close and have also been sharing more and more: Fulfillment. Fulfillment is not a new concept to library folks by any means, but it is different now than before. We are seriously gearing up towards a Libraryland with previously unimaginably rich fulfillment deeply at its core. A new, more dynamic, more rewarding and engaging type of fulfillment. A fulfillment that every brand wishes they could deliver. Except we are poised to actually do it! How? Oh my, that could be a book. Or a job in LibaryLand! ;)

It seems to me this is really the core of what we are all working towards, reading about, talking about, thinking about, blogging about, etc, etc…and it?s become pretty crystal (a fluid crystal of course) in my mind that this is our future. Our challenging, opportunity filled and delivery rich future. Here is what I sent my friend about presentation themes:

“My new key word for presentations is Fulfillment. I love that word. It is the big word for me. Each presentation I give (and many of the casual conversations I have as well… I know, it’s sad;) include me saying: “Libraries do two things: content and community”. Fulfillment is the answer for libraries in relation to the content section of that equation. Community is a whole other happy ball of wax, though fulfillment is certainly a big part of that as well.

What is Fulfillment? This is part of it.
Gimme, Gimme is also a healthy part of Fulfillment:
Gimme Gimme Gimme Set & Summary

Well now we’ve gone and done it. No more hiding the silly presentation jokes from the general public any longer. You see, Steve Lawson and I just finished our flickr presentation that was our contribution to the Five Weeks To A Social Library series that is in full swing right now. Even though we just gave our presentation this afternoon, you can already listen to it and view the entire archived presentation here. Wow! That was fast! Thanks Tom Peters! (Be warned that the video/slides will not work if you use Firefox, just IE.)

Thanks very much to all the organizers and also to everyone that attended. Steve and I worked pretty hard to present valuable content in a manner that would be both practical and entertaining. Feel free to take a look and see for yourself.
flickr for Social Libraries: Presentation

Thanks again to all the folks that attended and also to all the Five Weeks To A Social Library organizers Thanks also Meredith Farkas, Tom Miller, Karen Coombs and Steve Lawson, (my most excellent co-presentor). It was fun!


Coming Friday To A Corvallis Near You:

Electronic Presence and Outreach - Online NW 2007


ALA Midwinter Presentation Intro Slide

ALA Midwinter  Presentation Intro Slide

I’ll be giving a brief presentation will three fellow “sharing” (aka ILL aka resource sharing aka fulfillment) librarians on Sunday morning at ALA Midwinter. After we give our presentations there will be an hour or so of conversations/feedback/discussion. It should be fun!
“…will discuss user expectations for immediate satisfaction and personalized service, and what it means to serve users…. Hear how delivery and fulfillment are becoming central to resource sharing.”
Audrey Huff, Northwest School of Law
Mary Hollerich, National Library of Medicine
Michael Stephens, Dominican
Moderated by Dana Dietz, OCLC


CORLC Session 1 – right side

Group Hug!
Social Software: For You, Your Library and Your Community. Held yesterday in lovely Eagle Creek Oregon during the Central Oregon Regional Library Conference.

The folks in this group were offering up a kindly group hug after the session. It was a pretty funny moment after having had quite a lot of fun during the actual presentation. Great questions all around! So much to cover, but very interesting stuff. I have some of the resources consulted for class listed on Check it out!
Learn and play and let me know if you have any questions along the way! Thanks again attendees!

Woo hoo! It’s almost time for Brenda (Hough) and I to present our first OPAL presentation together! The session will last an hour and is called “Delivering Top-Notch Technology Training for Your Patrons”. Our idea is demo some concepts, sucess stories, current practices and inspire some more folks to think about, talk about and if possible, start doing some more “novel”, but very important technology training. We’ll try to be as interesting, inspiring and realistic as possible. Sound like a deal? I mean, it’s free so why not give it a whirl? Here are the “official” details:

“You are invited to participate in this upcoming OPAL event:

Friday, August 18, 2006 beginning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time, 10:00 a.m. Central, 9:00 a.m. Mountain, 8:00 a.m. Pacific, and 3:00 p.m. GMT:
Delivering Top-Notch Technology Training for Your Patrons
Brenda Hough, Technology Coordinator at the Northeast Kansas Library System and Michael Porter (aka Library Man), Training and Support Coordinator at OCLC Western will be the presenters.

More libraries are offering technology training for staff and patrons. Learn how to use interactive techniques to address varying skill levels, adapt to multiple learning styles, and deliver technology with greater impact. This program is part of the Librarian’s Continuing Education Seminar Series, sponsored by the Johnson County Library.

This OPAL event will be held in the Auditorium.”

Hope to see some of you there!

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