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Grant Success Video Contest:
Stephanie Gerding (I used to work with Stephanie and the Gates Foundation and as many of you know she is great!) and Pam MacKellar authors of “Grants for Libraries: A How-To-Do-It Manual” are looking for success stories to include in their next book (and DVD). To that end they are having a VIDEO CONTEST! Stephanie says: “Just submit a 5 minute video or screencast about your library grant success story by Oct. 30, 2009 for your chance to be spotlighted in our new book and DVD. Your video could include a tour of a grant project, interviews with grant team members or people who benefited from the grant, tips about grant writing or any part of the grant process. More details are available online and you can submit at YouTube in the Library Grants Group.”

Hey! The “You: The Online Version” presentation from my most recent speaking gig was featured on Slideshare! Neat! :)
You can see the presentation embedded below in the previous post. Becoming “featured” doesn’t happen that often, so this is kinda cool! Thanks slideshare (and really to all the folks that gave it a peek). You can still check it out via this link. Hope you like it. It was really designed with library folks in mind, knowing that in addition to family, friends and colleagues, that the general public will see what we do online. Hopefully it is useful for some of you!
My Presentation Was "Featured" on slideshare.  Coolness!

Now playing: Library 101 Draft v2 (Almost done with the video! Video and the “Library 101 Project” web site are launching in a little more than three weeks!!!)


You: The Online Version

I gave this presentation after my keynote at the PUG annual conference/meeting today. Most of my presentations don’t make sense without narration, but I tried to make this one work well (mostly) without it so I could put it up on Slideshare. Many thanks to Sarah Houghton-Jan for the content on slides 36-40 & 57.