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Library 101: The Cartoon T-shirt

"Library 101" Cartoon Shirt Design

You can now get a t-shirt with this cartoon design (and many other “Library 101″ and Libraryman designs) on it. Buying stuff here helps us pay for the Library 101 project, but honestly, it doesn’t make a huge dent (we figured if we sell about 400 t-shirts before we’d break even). So you should really just pick one up if you really like the shirt and project. Oh and thanks to whoever bought the “Libraryman with Pow!” button already. I know it was a librarian because I hadn’t told anybody about the store yet. :)

Here’s a link to the entire Libraryman Zazzle store. Some of the stuff is pretty nice, and, well, you gotta love the word “Zazzle”, right? :)