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Gock: Please wash socks first

Dear Post Falls Public Library, thank you so much for this wonderful bit of joy. Or sullenness. Whichever, this is great:

sock puppet
“Huh? What is a gock you say?
It is a Goth Sock Puppet!
Teens, you are invited to come bring out your sock’s inner Goth!!”


Presentation Schtick from WLA07

First Six Slides - Supposed to be funny...

There was/is a great little script on the WLA07 web page highlighting some of the conference keynote speakers at this event. As you can see from this image of the first few slides from my WLA07 presentation, I tried to make a joke about being jealous about not being one of the folks highlighted in the script. It included a made up this story about complaining about not being included in the script and then submitting the above, somewhat crazy looking picture of myself which was rejected rather rudely. It seemed like a funny idea, but truth be told, I was pretty nervous about the whole joke/skit/scenario being built into the actual presentation. What if it tanked and nobody laughed? Putting it in slide form made a real commitment to the whole thing!

Happily, it seemed to go over pretty well and people laughed pretty heartily. It was a huge relief, but you know, librarians are such nice folks I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t being a bit generous with their moral support. However, l definitely feel encouraged to try things like this a bit more in the future though and see how it goes. It was really fun to try something different and mix it up a bit. So, I guess the largest point of this post is that if you have been thinking of trying something new like this in a presentation or a meeting, I’d encourage you to feel emboldened and give it shot. If I’m there, I’ll give you moral support at least. ;)

Love writing? Love libraries? Love building community? Love working with electronic/web tools? Love editing? Are you hard working? Nice? Here?s the perfect Seattle job for you!

WebJunction, an online community for library staff, is hiring immediately for a staff editor to lead our content development activities. This is a two-year temporary full-time position, and is located in Seattle, Washington. The position will report to the Content Manager at WebJunction in Seattle and work closely with the WebJunction Community Manager, also located in Seattle. WebJunction is an online community for public library staff. Launched in May of 2003, WebJunction now has over 22,000 members and formal partnerships with more than a dozen other library organizations. WebJunction is a project of OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc., and receives a portion of its funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Staff Editor will report to the WJ Content Manager, and will be responsible for continuing the growth of content and editorial programs at The Staff Editor will be responsible for:
? Working with WebJunction Community Partners, program staff, member volunteers, and other content partners to develop new content for the site.
? Developing and managing volunteer content contribution and content management programs.
? (In consultation with the Content and Community managers) setting direction for content development subject areas, and adjusting content development activities based on usage statistics and user feedback.
? Preparing content items on a variety of library topics for publication, and posting them to the WJ site.
? Maintaining the existing WebJunction content collection, including managing the subject taxonomy, and ensuring content currency and relevance.
? Writing the monthly WebJunction newsletter.
? Work with other staff leaders to coordinate content development with community building and e-learning activities.”


HLA 06 Says Hi to YouTube

Here is a bit of why:

1. the Treo 650 isn?t sufficient as a camera/video phone.

2. camera/video phones have so much potential.

3. uploading video always needs to be easier before it?ll truly reach critical mass (this took several tries several different ways before it worked).

4. HI lib folks rock (one of the little reasons anyway).


Have We Met?

The last several weeks have been an amazing flurry of activity! So many wonderful ideas conferences, new friends, old friends and happy opportunities to share content. Here is the picturebook version with some highlights that might actually provide some interesting content (or hopefully at least a pleasant diversion:) :

While in Hawaii presnting at the 2006 Hawaii Library Association Conference,

HLA 06 flickr Session
I got the see my friends Aaron, Jessamyn,

Librarians Listening to Paul's Boutique
Dave, Ruth

Surrounded By Librarians With Hair!
and drdrewhonolulu (from flickr):

HLA 06 - drdrewhonolulu & libraryman

At HLA 2006 I was able to present “flickr + libraries” and “Electronic Outreach and Presence: Beyond your library’s web site“.

After HLA is was off to the 2006 California Library Association Conference in Sacramento. There were too many people to mention seeing here, but it was a wonderful time, again full of interesting content and amazing chances to connect with people, ideas and inspiration. As always, it was heartwarming to get the rare chance to spend face time with my good friends Michael and Sarah, who are two of my heroes in LibraryLand.

At CLA Sarah Houghton-Jan, Scott Bauer and myself presented “What’s Hot in Technology”, which, while we had to turn away about twice as many people as were able to fit in the room, seemed to be useful to most of those that were able to squeeze into the room. You can see the PowerPoints we used in this presentation by going here.
Large Audience/Small Room

After booth duty, other sessions,

Pam Bailey from OCLC Western

dinners, and meeting a couple of remarkable new friends, it was time to give my “Social Software: For you and library” presentation. Thanks so much to Sarah for snapping this pic during the session. It’s seems hard to get well lit shots of folks during their presentations so I’m really grateful to her for this one. Sarah also took scary good notes during this session so if you’d like to read more about it, go here.

It was a tiring, rewarding and stimulating flurry, for sure. LibraryLand is the place to be! SO MANY good ideas and so much excitiment is swirling around our work! It was inspiring to meet and visit with so many hard working, intelligent, curious and high caliber folks over the past couple of months. A huge thanks to OCLC Western for saying “yes” to the inviations and paying my salary while I am away from the physical office doing these presentations.

PS- Other recent trips, presentations and events didn’t get a blog entry like this, but for what it’s worth, one of them did get a flickr set. It’s from the Seattle Public Library Staff Day and the beautiful downtown SPL Main Library:

SPL Staff Day Trip Pics


I Caught You A Delicious Bass

“Library” as a marketing term. Bass Pro Shops (?) MySpace(?!) “Library” (!?!) screenshot:

Bass Pro Shops

Notice how the color scheme so perfectly blends in with the new :)

And a link to a video of the Bass Pro Shops “Library” interface loading.? The first library ad I see on a social networking site is for Bass Pro Shops?? Hmmm….


Identity Crisis?

This isn?t Libraryman,, library man or me, Michael Porter. I DID NOT write this. It does border on amusing though:

lman - This is so not me

This isn?t Libraryman,, library man or me, Michael Porter. I DID NOT write this. It does not border on amusing or appropriate for what I want people to think I try to posit on this site. avoids politics staunchly in most cases unless it affects libraries. Again, I DID NOT write this:

lman - NOT ME Writing This!

?I would like to encourage everybody who reads this to vote for the pro-life canidate in the upcoming election Nov,7. For the most part this means vote Republican.?

On one hand being all about libraries and open access, this doesn?t phase me. I also understand that it is likely best to simply ignore it when things like this pop up. I have done that in the past, but these examples seem somewhat more dramatic. In fact, I won?t link to either of them directly.


I will however take screenshots and say that it appears that there is a small spate of libraryman fakers out there. Perhaps ?faker? is a strong word. Maybe poser is harsh too. Is knock off closer? I would imagine it was unintentional in one or two cases. In another, I can?t imagine it wasn?t done on purpose. Anybody have any comments, thoughts, ideas about all of this?

Not really bugging me, this one.

It is worth noting that libraryman is a copyright that I have full permission to use.? Additionally, I have been using the libraryman moniker and web site for several years, very carefully adding content and slowly and surely building what I hope are relationships based on that trust and reliability. Very often people say ?Oh, you?re Libraryman!? when we meet for the first time. If folks were to see some of the above content and think it was something I had written, it would be really quite upsetting.

Libraryman Small


Libraries + Flickr Update

Short version:

-Recent libraries + flickr presentations have been a blast to do and appear to have been useful and fun for most attendees. Woo hoo!

-More librarians are joining flickr every day and uncovering its professional and community benefits. This means connecting to resources and each other (often via our happy little Libraries and Librarians Group).

-Librarians on flickr rock ever so much!

More detailed version :

Hello to all you lovely Libraries and Librarian flickr Group members!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to the new flickr members and/or Libraries and Librarians Group members that have joined since the recent presentations.

The presentations have been a total blast, thanks especially to the contributions from Lluisa (one of your friendly Libraries and Librarians Group admins:) and Fiona and Tony at the National Library of Australia/PictureAustralia Project. Thanks also to Michael Sauers who did a nice wrap up of fun flickr tools and groups at the Internet Librarian Conference flickr presentation.

flickr and Libraries Intro Slide

I just did a similar flickr and libraries presentation at the Montana Education Association Conference last week and will be in Honolulu next Friday doing another one. If you’re in HI, why not stop by the HI Library Association Conference and say hello! :)

MEA-MFT 06 flickr Presentation Intro Slide

For anybody else interested in seeing what these presentations were all about, I’ll be doing another flickr + libraries gig with Steve Lawson in March as part of the “Five Weeks to a Social Library” 2007 event. This online event is free, but limited to 40 attendees; however it will be archived and available later for viewing later online by anyone so inclined. We’re calling our class something like “flickr and Libraries: Far greater than the sum of their parts.”

That?s a wrap up for now! Thanks everybody and keep on librarying and flickering!

PS- Anybody else notice we’re on the cusp of 1000 Librarians and Librarians Group members now? Yay!

Related links:

The Libraries and Librarians Group on flickr.

Lluisa Nunez (University of Barcelona) on flickr.

PictureAustralia/Yahoo!/flickr project page.

Michael Sauers on flickr:

5 Weeks to a Social Library site.

Steve Lawson on flickr.
also at Colorado College Tutt Library on flickr.

Presentation page on the blog (which will have .pdfs of many of the presentations posted soon).


Internet Librarian

This is my favorite library conference! Now is really the time for gatherings like this and so many of the right people are here talking, listening, learning and sharing. It’s dorked out, geek cool, forward thinking library worker central. Tonight I heard two different folks say “I wish I could be around this every day at work. Think of what we could get done”. True, true.

Here are some snapshots from the conference so far. More will go up over the next few days too. Wish you were here too!


Lluisa Nunez and flickr

Lluisa is a librarian and library technology instructor in Barcelona. We met on flickr via the Libraries and Librarians group where we are admins.

Lluisa has added slides and a very lovely audio file to the upcoming “flickr and libraries” presentation I’ve been putting together for the upcoming Internet Librarian conference in Monterey.

Her flickr/library/geotagging story and accompanying audio files (along with Fiona’s and Tony’s) really make the presentation pop! Flickr really is an amazing tool for connecting library professionals, around the globe!
Lluisa Nunez and flickr

Originally uploaded by libraryman.

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