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Concrete corn: my one true friend.

A Picture Share!

Originally uploaded by libraryman.

You’ve got to love a field full of giant vertical rows of concrete corn. Freaky, cool, nonsensical yet somehow perfectly logical. I think.


OCLC HQ Tour Begins

Visitng OCLC World Headquarters in Dublin, OH gives me a chance to have a nifty little peek behind the curtain. You get a peek too. From the library to the card catalog card printer you’ll find the photostream via my new Treo 650 here. Have fun!


In Business Week?!

Don’t think people read your blog? One of my regular blog reads from my friend and former coworker Tracey just got a write up in Business Week. It is a small world, even if you now live in Sweden. btw, her photo blog is beautiful.


Changes ‘Round Library Man Way

Short version:
I have a great new library job.
I’ve moved.
I’ll be blogging more very soon.

Longer version:
Most of you know that since the US Library Program at the Gates Foundation wound down in 2003 I have been biding my time between searching for the next “perfect library job” and teaching and presenting technology lectures on exotic Princess Cruise itineraries. It has been a fascinating time full of innumerable magical once in a lifetime experiences and something that occasionally seemed to be skirting dangerously close to indecision. I have always been looking for that next great library job though. I was hoping for a job that would let me contribute to the profession, continue to teach, travel a bit (but not too much) and support continued professional development while letting me stretch my wings a bit professionally.

As of last month I am happy to report that I believe I’ve found such a job! Last week I moved to southern California to join OCLC Western as their new Training & Support Coordinator. So far, it seems a great fit. I am a bit sad to leave the lovely PNW, but I do hope to return sometime in the not too distant future. For now, I will soak up the year round summer sun and enjoy the benefits of living 45 minutes away from of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

All friends of are welcome to drop me a line (mp*insert at sign* if you’ll be (or are already in) in the area. One nice thing about the new jobby job is that keeping up with Library Blogland and blogging will be a recognized part of what I do for work. We’ll even be starting an OCLC Western Services blog soon. See, just what I was after!


Greetings From Fiji!

That?s what I would have said a few months ago if I could have made this post then. Our dear Public Libraries are nearly everywhere! The Fijian President had recently died and his funeral was being held that evening in a soccer field down the street from the Library. The natives were wearing tradition mourning clothes, a black robe with a woven mat wrapped around the torso, for the funeral. Men were also wearing this same mourning outfit as well. The things you learn from travel!

The Public Library in Suva, Fiji
Hours and Friends


Label Maker

Break out your double sided tape. Or not. Perfect for Dewey numbers!

I made this:

and this:

by going here. Now you can too!


Patriotic Librarians

Liberty, Librarians, Patriot Act, CIPA.
Straight out of the Casper Star Tribune. Link


Make Way for Ducklings

Two time Caldecott Medal winner and still popular children?s author Robert McCloskey has passed. You all know him if you read books as a kid and his books still circ like mad in Public Libraries. ?Blueberries for Sal? is full of simply wonderful drawings, Homer Price will crack you up and ?Make Way for Ducklings? well, that is one of the best book titles I have ever seen. If anyone wants to make a tribute site, you can still buy Here is a link to his books on and here is a nice bio site.

??Deer Isle, Maine — Robert McCloskey, the writer and illustrator whose classic children’s books — among them “Make Way for Ducklings” and “Blueberries for Sal” — captivated generations of young readers and their parents, died Monday on Deer Isle, Maine. He was 88.??
Link to the full story.


netbib weblog comes out of

netbib weblog comes out of Germany. There, on ?27 Juni 2003? we find the following:
”Ein Artikel des Libraryman Michael Porter ?ber seine Zeit als ”public access computing trainer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation U.S. Public Library Program”. Er arbeitete in dieser Zeit in 294 amerikanischen Bibliotheken und hat sich ein paar Gedanken gemacht…”Librarians need community. Like-minded, interested librarians regularly need to get together to share ideas and inspirations, and also to discuss issues and professional trends.” ”

Wonder where you can see who is linking to your blog? This is where I found the German blog citation and also the link from Spain that you may have seen from a few days ago:Technocrati: Web Services for bloggers. There are other ways to find this out with search tools, but this is very bloggy so it’s here.

Also, you might notice that the perma-links on the right were adjusted this afternoon. Check ‘em out if you are into the whole ”Library Thing”.


A few months ago I

A few months ago I started writing an article for my Library School Alumni Magazine about the waning days of my life on the road with the Gates Foundation US Library Program. Writing the article was a good tool for review and also helped to organize my thoughts nicely. That article was just published today and I would love to share it with you all. Here is the link.

Also, in case anyone wonders, I am just now starting to look for another job. After four years on the road I have spent the last two months relaxing and enjoying Seattle. Now I?m feeling quite rested and I am excited to get back to my Library, wherever that Library may be.

When I begin work at my next Library or Library related organization, you can see some of what I hope to work on by reading the article.

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