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On Speaking in Montreal

Last Friday’s “Web 2.You” event at McGill University was crammed full of interesting speakers and attendees. The sessions were useful and thought provoking, the crowd was smart and engaged, the egg salad at lunch was even magnifique’. ;) On top of that, they even hosted a reception after, where we got to get into some meatier conversations (a perfect follow-up to a heady, info packed, full day of material). They even had a cheese ball, twice the size of your head! Seriously though, all around this was a great event, one I was very honored to be a part of it.

So if you are in Montreal around this time next year try and get your ticket (before they sell out of them again). And to Amanda, Adrienne, Amy, Brianne and the many, many other capable volunteers who made this student run event work so well, kudos to you all, as well as to McGill University for supporting this fine student effort. Very impressive work!

MP @ Web2.You

Finally, here is some commentary from Montreal librarian Lora Baiocco, who attended the event. This is from her “infinite digressions” blog. Thank you, Lora!

“Michael Porter, aka Libraryman, uncensored, live at Thompson House, one day only”…”what are the right tools for us? Do we have them? Are we using them? Who are we trusting to build what we need? What started off as leisurely stroll through the tech park grew into a frantic facing of the facts. Where is the infrastructure to support libraries and, more importantly, library users’ needs (what, when, where they want it) and why are we not real players in the infrastructure game…that so directly impacts access? that so directly impacts service? that so directly determines our relevance? I can put it down here as a few reasonable questions, but the effect in the room was like running in heels while being chased by zombies through that tech park with only a gum wrapper, a salad spinner and dead AA battery for protection. The presentation also reminded me of that distinct Montreal music sound – it starts off soft and then builds and builds to a cacophony. All of a sudden, Arcade Fire’s Régine is screaming over 15 instruments. So in the spirit Arcade Fire let’s ask “Who’s gonna throw the very first stone?” and then, why can’t it be us?”

Best…review…ever. :)