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My New Job: Work It!

I’m very honored and happy to share with everyone news of…drum roll….. my new job! While still at WebJunction, I now have a spiffy new title and more focused duties. I’m not saying that as the new Community Product Manager I’ll be able to do ALL this stuff:

Specific Responsibilities
Grow our Online Community for Library Staff
Build library field readiness for collaborative content publishing, social networking, and blended learning for staff development
Grow customer awareness, use, participation, ownership, and satisfaction with all our programs, features, and services
Wow the library community with practical, user-centered, user-friendly, fun-to-try, socially-oriented, and interactive features and tools
Develop & Deploy a Robust Social Networking Environment
Identify and segment relevant library staff audiences; evaluate and document tools and features of interest to each audience
Develop and implement an overall social networking strategy, including collaborative content management, that addresses customer needs
Solicit individual and organization input and feedback on social networking features, tools, and best practices
Scan and engage the broader library, social networking, and online community environments for relevant tools, features, best practices, and mash-up opportunities
Make Customers Happy & Ensure their Success
Advocate for customer-centered, interactive tools and features across WebJunction; represent customers to WebJunction staff and organization partners
Lead and manage customer focus groups, advisory committees, user groups, and related feedback sessions
Identify social networking outcomes; ensure high quality customer experiences and satisfaction; adjust, refresh and create new features as appropriate
Engage customers in effectively using social networking tools, making site contributions, and sharing their technology resources
Contribute to WebJunction’s Overall Success
Build team capacity to identify and meet customer needs
Share knowledge and expertise on social networking tools, features, formats, and management processes relevant to successful online communities
Lead and manage the development of functional tools and services you and our customers will use to build community across WebJunction
Deploy social networking expertise across WebJunction; lead the team in creating effective, sustainable online community based on web-based, collaborative, interactive, and participatory software

…but I am REALLY going to try. If you ask me, I’d say it’s a very good fit. I am energized and excited to get on with the work (friends know I’ve been working on a lot of this already, but the new job definition and scope help in a lot of ways). Reading the above description you can tell that there are exciting things in store for WebJunciton and I can’t think of another job I’d rather have right now. Watch WebJunction in the upcoming 12-18 months for some pretty exciting new developments!

PS-The new Netflix ad says the have circulated, ooops, I mean, DELIVERED, over 1 billion titles.
PPS- Chumby is almost for sale to the general public.
PPPS-Completely unrelated and off topic musical plug: Can I go back in time to see this show please?


It Is Decided

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