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Barack ObamaBarack Obama
President of the United States

“We now have new basics in Libraryland, a new “Library 101″, if you will. And embracing a new Library 101 means change is in store. My challenge to all of you is to be that change. Yes, it means some things will be different. Yes, your jobs will adjust. And YES, libraries can be more relevant, secure, useful and practical societal anchors, anchors that do more good and provide more value to society than many of us ever imagined possible. But, that is dependent on all the fine library staff members around the world embracing and shaping the change that a new “Library 101″ can bring. Please join me in the call that is “Library 101″ and do your part to secure a bright, thriving future for libraries. Go and be Library 101! Thank you Libraryland! ”

NOTE: While Mr. Obama did not actually write this essay, we do know that he loves libraries and assume that he would be tickled to read this and be supportive of Library 101.  Additionally, the services of this potential speech writer are happily offered to him. ;)

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