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Michael PorterMichael Porter
Author, Presenter, Consultant and Communications Manager at WebJunction

Michael and David Lee King partnered together to bring you the Library 101 Project you are now looking at!

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Library 101 is Presidential and Very Thankful
Barack Obama did not actually write the essay or participate directly in the Library 101 Project (you knew that though, right?:)  Michael actually wrote “his” essay, and since you’ve seen a lot of Michael already on these pages he’s going to let that be *his* Library 101 essay.  And, you know, we imagine the President might be fairly keen on Library 101, just like we all are. :)

Libraryland is truly an amazing place, filled with rare, caring, talented, thoughtful and generous professionals.  I believe now is a unique time for us and for libraries.  The future of our role in society is at risk in many ways.  But I also believe we can become more relevant, useful and engaging than ever before…if we take bold action.  That’s what Library 101 is all about for me.  I believe we can do it and I hope in 50 years I regularly walk into my community library to engage access and participate in content and community in ways we can’t even imagine now. 

I’d like to use the last part of my essay space to thank everyone who has, and will contribute to the Library 101 Project.  Your project related work, from photos, to videos, from essays to encouragement via conversation and email over the many months we have been working on this project.  It has been a challenging, rewarding, exciting, experimental, and admittedly ambitious project that again, just wouldn’t be here without the Library land community making it happen with us.  Both David and I are indebted to all of you, each and to every one of you that participated, either by contributing material or simply by watching the video and reading this, we are both so deeply honored and humbled that you would come together with us to try and make Libraryland better, more secure and successful.  Thank you all very, very much, good luck, and keep in touch!

PS- I’d also like to thank David King and his family for being so supportive of him, me and of this project.  Without their understanding, support and hard work contributing I doubt any of this would have happened.

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