MP Presenting at HLA
I do a lot of presentations! Below is what I have formally booked in the coming months (and many past presentations from recent years). If you need a special event speaker or keynote that seems in line with any of the subjects listed below please drop me a line at michael.libraryman*at sign*


keynote *title tbd* October 14-15
COMO XXII (GA State Library Conference)
Athens, GA

Battledecks!- June 28
ALA Annual
ALA Washington Convention Center -103A
5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Libraries MUST Have A New Electronic Content Access and Distribution Infrastructure (and there is hope)!- June 28
ALA Annual
LITA BIGWIG Social Software Showcase
*location tbd*

“Re-thinking library business model for licensed digital contents under mobile and cloud computing” – June 27
ALA Annual
Panel w/ Chris Palma, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google
Melissa Blaney, Publications Division Lead Web Analyst, American Chemical Society
Marriott Hotel-Grand BR III
4:00-5:30 p.m.

“Video Makes the Library Star: Library-Created Visual Media” – June 27
ALA Video Round Table Annual Program
Presenter/panel member
*location tbd*
10:30PM – 12:00PM


PLA Certified Public Library Administrator Workshop – April 28-29
Management of Technology
Southern Adirondack Library System, Sarasota Springs, NY

25th Annual Computers in Libraries Conference – April 10-14
“Videocasting Preconference” with David Lee King
“Analyzing, Evaluating & Communicating the Value of Web Presence” with Amanda Clay-Powers
“Bridging Community, Research, Skill Building & Entertainment With World of Warcraft & Libraries” with David Lisa and Bob Beck
Crystal City, VA

NPR Radio Appearance – March 31
“WYPR Baltimore’s Midday with Dan Rodricks”
“How Libraries Can Adapt–And Thrive–In The Age of The iPad ”
with Carla Hayden and Gina Millsap
*link to audio archive*

WebJunction Webinar – March 30
“Library Images: Engage, Inspire and Tell your Story ” with Jeff Dawson
*you can watch the archive and get resources here*

Public Library Association National Conference 2010 – March 23-27
“LITA Top Tech Trends Panel Presentation”
Portland, OR

Midwest Library Technology Conference – March 17
keynote: Libraries, Technology Evolution, Change and Success”
session: “You: The Online Version”
Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

Edge 2010 Global Conference:
Pushing the Boundaries of Public Service Delivery

keynote: “Our Libraries, Our Communities: Technology Evolution, Change and Success ”
Edinburgh Castle – Edinburgh, Scotland – Feb 25

3rd Annual Web 2.You Conference – Feb 5

keynote: “2 Point Where? Technology evolution and the uncertain future of libraries”
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

American Library Association Midwinter Meeting – Jan 15-18
Boston, MA


Nassau Library System – December 14
-Gadgets, Portable Computing and Library Futures
Long Island, NY

Allen County Public Library Staff Day 2009 -November 20
keynote: Our Community, Our Libraries: Technology Evolution, Change and Success. Two additional sessions: Tell Your Library Story with Pictures and Q&A w/ Michael Porter

PLA Certified Public Library Administrator Workshop – November 12-13
Management of Technology
Mountlake Terrace, WA

Internet Librarian Conference 2009 -October 24-29
Saturday, 10/24: Digital Photographer Boot Camp
Tuesday 10/27: Rockin� Battle Decks
Wednesday 10/28-2009: Content Contribution & Distribution
Wednesday 10/28: Connecting Through �Lights, Cameras & Action�
Monterrey, CA

Spokane County Library District Staff Day 2009 -October 16
keynote, “Our Future Library: Evolved, Even More Practical, Everywhere and Different”
Spokane, WA

Polaris Users Group Annual Meeting 2009 -October 2
keynote, “Fear of a Library Planet: The future of libraries and information access”
session, “You: The Online Version”

Myrtle Beach, SC

American Library Assoc. Annual Conference – July 9-15
-A Thousand Words: Taking Better Photos for Telling Stories in Your Library. Preconference with
Cindi Trainor, Eastern Kentucky U Libraries
-Punch it Up with Pictures: Presentations with Visual Power. Preconference with Betha Gutsche and Tony Tallent
-2.0 (verload): What a small, understaffed library really needs
-The Ultimate Debate 2009: Has Library 2.0 Fulfilled It’s Promise? with:
Four Others (links soon)
Roy Tennant: Moderator
Chicago, IL

University of Washington Information School Convocation – June 11
-Convocation ceremony address title tbd
Seattle, WA

10th Annual TechConnections Conference – May 19
-Opening keynote: New Tech Headed To Libraryland: 2009-2020 edition
Columbus, OH

Washington Library Association Conference – April 16
-hi-fi sci-fi library:2009-2019 Edition
Spokane, WA

Computers in Libraries Conference – March 30-April 1
-Digital Photographer Boot Camp with:
Cindi Trainor, Eastern Kentucky U Libraries
Michael Sauers, Nebraska Library Commission

-Social Network Profile Management with:
Greg Schwartz, Louisville Free Public Library
Sarah Houghton-Jan, San Jose Public Library
Amanda Clay Powers, Mississippi State University
Arlington, VA

PLA Certified Public Library Administrator Workshop – February 9-10
Management of Technology
Phoenix, AZ


Internet Librarian – October 19-25
-From Avatars to Advocacy: Innovation Through Un-Marketing
Innovative Marketing Using 2.0 Tools – Pre-conference with Helen Blowers
-Ubiquitous Computing and Library Futures
Session with Chris Peters

LITA National Forum – keynote – October 18
Technology, Convergence, Content, Community, Ubiquity and Library Futures.
Cincinnati, OH

Timberland Regional Library Staff Training Day 2008 – keynote – October 13
-Forty More Years of TRLS! *or* You + Content, Technology and Community = Success
Olympia, WA


NEBASE Annual Meeting – keynote – August 12
-From Science Fiction to Library Science:
Info, Interface, Technology and Your Libraries� Future -keynote
-The New WebJunction: You Connect, You Create and You Learn -session
Lincoln, NE

Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) Technology Day 2008 – keynote -August 1
-Get Your Info Here?:
Gadgets, mobile access and library futures. -keynote
-Gadget Panel Discussion with David Lee King and Diana Weaver
Topeka, KS


Substance Abuse Librarians & Information Specialists (SALIS) Conference -May 07
Real Help, Real Connections: Valuable New Technology To Use Now
-Seattle, WA

Pierce County Library System -May 03
Staying Connected @ 55+ Public Event – Demystifying technology Track:
You + Gadgets = Better Brain, Body and Buddies
-Tacoma, WA


OLA/WLA Joint Conference 2008 -April 17
Ubicomp and Libraries: Current examples and evolving implications
– Vancouver, WA

Computers In Libraries – April 6-9
From Avatars to Advocacy: Innovation Through Un-Marketing
Innovative Marketing Using 2.0 Tools
Washington, D.C.


Public Library Association Annual Conference 2008 -March 29
From Hype to Help: Making a Difference with New Technologies – Minneapolis, MN

CLAMS (College Librarians and Media Specialists of WA State) Conference – March 6
Gadgets Are Your Libraries Future? Prove It! – Spokane, WA




Inland Northwest Council of Libraries Technology Workshop – November 16
The New Outreach Evolution: Solutions for effectively connecting resources and services. – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Santa Monica Public Library 2.0 Staff Training Day – November 12
Tech Shifts and Our Resources: Towards Providing Content Fulfillment
Your Gadgets, Your Library’s Future – Santa Monica, CA

Sunnyvale Public Library Staff Day – November 09
Libraries Go 2.0? What, Why and How
Beyond Libraries or With Libraries? Emerging Hardware and Software Developments – Sunnyvale, CA

Santa Clara County Library-Staff Presentation – November 08
Your Technological Allies : Important, practical, high value tools for you and your library – Santa Clara, CA

Palo Alto Library-Public Presentation – November 08
Your Library’s Future Has Changed: Technology, Content and Community – Palo Alto, CA


Internet Librarian – October 29
Blending In: Librarians in the Networked Community, w/ Chrystie Hill

Internet Librarian – October 28
Open gaming with Guitar Hero, DDR and Wii Sports
Brought to you by ALA, WebJunction, Jenny Levine, Aaron Schmidt and Michal Porter
Colton I Room – 4:30-7:30
**At 7:30 all twitter(ing) a flickr(ing) Libraryland folks are meeting here to take pics, tweet and hit the town.

Sacramento Public Library Staff Training Day – October 10
Electronic Sharing Evolves for You. Where Is Libraryland?

Gadgets Are Your Libraries Future? Prove it! – Sacramento, CA

Western Washington University Library Staff Day -September 13
Libraries and the “2.0″ Hullabaloo:
How to learn what to embrace, reject and use effectively for you and your library.- Bellingham, WA

Fort Vancouver Regional Library Staff Development Conference -September 4
Gadgets Are Your Libraries Future? Prove it!- Vancouver, WA

NWEG -Northwest Endeavor (Ex-Libris) User Group -June 7
Emerging Library Fulfillment: Challenges and Opportunities for Libraries and Patrons
Keynote – Spokane, WA

BIGWIG Social Software Showcase, Online with Rountable at ALA Annual -June 23
The new facebook api and developers platform: Libraries care why? – Online and Washington, D.C.


Brooklyn Public Library Emerging Technology Conference -May 7
Practical, Fun and Easy: High value emerging library technologies you can use now.
Keynote – Brooklyn, NY

Santiago Library System/MCLS -May 2
Los Angeles, CA

Washington Library Association Conference -April 18-21
Libraries, Portable Electronics and Media Access Futures
Tri-Cities, WA


iEdge @ UW -March 28

Research Shapes WebJunction: Web Design and E-Learning
with Rachel Van Noord and Chrystie Hill, WebJunction
Seattle, WA

Five Weeks to a Social Library (Electronic Seminar/Course/Conference) – March 5
flickr and Libraries: greater than the sum of their parts.
with Steve Lawson, Colorado College Tutt Library


Alaska Library Association Conference -February 23-26
Electronic Presence and Outreach: Beyond your library?s website
(presentation written by me with contributions for this version from Mike Pruzan, OCLC Western. I will not be in Alaska for this presentation but Mike will be).

Online Northwest Conference -February 16
Electronic Presence and Outreach: Beyond your library?s website


ALA Midwinter -January 21
Raising the Next Generation Sharing Librarian
Audrey Huff, Northwest School of Law
Mary Hollerich, National Library of Medicine
Michael Stephens, Dominican
Moderated by Dana Dietz, OCLC



Kankakee Public Library -December 6
BiblioTech: Community based technology. Podcast. link


California Library Association Conference -November 11-14
What?s New in Technology: Panel Discussion
Scott Bauer, Redwood City Public Library
Sarah Jan-Houghton, San Mateo County Library

Social Software: Your Library, Your Community

Hawaii Library Association Conference -November 10-11
Flickr for Libraries and Librarians

Electronic Presence and Outreach: Beyond you library?s web site.

Seattle Public Library Staff Day -November 2
Carrying Your Life in Your Pocket: Portable Electronics and Libraries


Internet Librarian Conference 2006, Monterey, CA -October 23-25
Flickr & Libraries
Fiona Hooten, National Library of Australia
Lluisa Nunez, Universitat de Barcelona
Michael Sauers, BCR

Technology Training in a Library 2.0 World
Brenda Hough, Northeast Kansas Library System
Dale Musselman, WebJunction

Central Oregon Regional Library Conference -October 16
Social Software: For You, Your Library & Your Community

Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers Conference -October 19-20
Social Software: What, Why, If, How

Tomorrows Computing and Media Consumption Experience

Flickr: Unique Tools to Share/Connect/Excite/Engage


PORTALS Executive Council Meeting -September 7
Blogs, RSS, convergence, trends and social networking for libraries


Delivering Top-Notch Technology Training for Your Patrons
Brenda Hough, Technology Coordinator at the Northeast Kansas Library. On-line event sponsored by OPAL


Washington Library Association Conference -April 19-21
RSS Table Talk
Annanaomi Sams, Hanford Technical Library Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Paso Robles Library Academy Kick Off Presentation -January 24
Do the Evolution!


October 2005-September 2006

Keep Up!: Practical emerging technology for you and your library.
This full day workshop was presented in five states a total of 15 times. Sessions were held in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Montana.

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