Friends, the Pacific, Seals, Museums
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If California were a country it would have one of the worlds' largest economies.  It is huge, diverse, full of unique people and cultural and historical attractions.  Sometimes I really miss the time I spent in California.  Here are some of what I saw during my months in the state.
Sneaking in a picture at the LACMA
above: Sneaking a picture at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

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"All, my, friends, know the lowrider"
A lowrider show at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles

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My friend Margaret.  
An excellent Librarian and person

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Robyn, Aaron, Elke and I visit Disneyland

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A PEZ collectors gathering in Huntington Beach
Jack and Michael visit LA!
The very first weekend I spent in California was in Santa Monica.  I had company for this trip and we had fun!  Want to see more?  Click the picture above.



Clicking the picture above will take you to the story about my visit with Jack to a real behind the scenes rock-n-roll recording session with the band Elliott.