California Library Pictures
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Fun Library Pictures

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Newspaper Articles 
CA San Luis Obispo2.jpg (78083 bytes)
Laurie and I were greeted at the San Luis Obispo Public Library by a herd of creative librarians, a mom and baby cow pair, and a bucket of Styrofoam peanut milk
CA Alhambra.JPG (123679 bytes)
A clip from the Alhambra paper.
CA Safety Notice1.JPG (58177 bytes)
One of the only times I wouldn't want to be in a Library.
CA Azusa.JPG (214265 bytes)
A clip from the Azusa City paper
CA Placentia Library1.JPG (61066 bytes)
Outside the Placentia Public Library.  These were happy times!
The Library gets new computers and your learn your mother was correct in scolding you for your poor posture.  This paper has it all, baby!
A clip from the Monterey Park paper.
Jack and Michael visit LA!
The very first weekend I spent in California was in Santa Monica.  I had company for this trip and we had fun!  Want to see more?  Click the picture above.




Clicking the picture above will take you to the story about my visit with Jack to a real behind the scenes rock-n-roll recording session with the band Elliott.