My times in California were some of the very best I have had both professionally and personally.  The days weren't quite so long, the weather was perfect and I met some truly wonderful people.  Much of the excitement during this time came from the fact that discovering cities and locales I had heard of my whole life became a part of professional duties.  
Jack and Michael visit LA! The very first weekend I spent in California was in Santa Monica.  I had company for this trip and we had fun!  Want to see more?  Click the picture to the left. CA Santa Monica2.JPG (73626 bytes)
Santa Monica.  In February.  
This job isn't so bad!
Clicking the picture to the right will take you to the story about my visit with Jack to a real behind the scenes rock-n-roll recording session with the band Elliott.
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The great Randino!  Live in Oceanside, CA,  What a show.  What a show.
Library Pictures and Newspaper Articles From Around The State wpe1F.jpg (118990 bytes)
A landmark San Francisco park.
.Joshua Tree

Friends, the Ocean, Seals, Museums

There were lots of trips to California.  The Libraries I worked in here include: Santa Monica,Placentia, Monrovia, Azusa City, Alhambra, Monterey Park, Commerce, Richmond, Lodi, Woodland, San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Nipomo, Merced, Livingston, Winton, Cressy, Delhi, Himlar and Oceanside.