One of the most surprising and just plain cool things I've done while gallivanting about happened the weekend Jack visited me in California.  It's funny how a string of coincidences can work to provide such unexpected fun.
     It turned out that the weekend Jack and I were in the area the band Elliott was in town recording their album False Cathedral.  Elliott is a band from Jack's stomping grounds, Louisville, KY.  They knew each other via one of his daughters.  Since we were all going to be there, Kevin and the rest of the guys invited us down to the studio to see them in action.  So of course off we went!
This is the studio-Rondor Music International
     The studio building itself was a fairly subdued.  I imagine anyplace where you sometimes have famous folks going through on occasion shouldn't draw lots of attention to itself, eh?  After getting buzzed in through the front door we had to check in with a security guard who check the list for our names.  Once we were recognized we were in, simple as that.
   I would imagine that if I were a striving musician or a star hungry up and comer I would have been filled with excitement.  It turns out that behind the scenes in a working rock and roll studio, while definitely cool, isn't too stereotypical.  The guys were working on a final mix and were recording some of the drum parts over.  I had met Kevin before, but the other guys in the band and the albums Producer were new to me.  They said the Producer had worked quite a bit with Korn.  I'm not into Korn, but he seemed pretty proud of it.
     Seeing all the machinery and electronics in use was a pretty nifty sight to see.  Another nice aspect of the working environment at the studio was that the walls were all covered with very colorful painting done by Herb Alpert, the owner of the studio and label.  I had no idea he was such a good painter, but he is!  You can see some of the work in the accompanying pictures.

 After visiting for a while, checking out the studio and listening to a couple of the new songs Jack and I were off to explore more of LA.  It was just a side trip that took a couple of hours, but it was a unique, brief glimpse into the behind the scenes world of LA rock and roll.  I hope elliot does well and I thank Kevin and the rest of the guys for giving us the chance to see them at work.  Rock on! Elliot strike a pose in the studio
Only frontman Chris Higdon remains from the original lineup of Elliott, a Louisville emo band known for its intense stage presence, replete with piano and percussion samples. Higdon, bassist Jonathan Mobley, and drummer Ben Lord formed Elliott after the breakup of their previous band, Falling Forward. After releasing the In Transit EP with Initial Records in 1996, Kevin Ratterman replaced Lord and Empathy's Jay Palumbo came aboard. Elliott made its full-length debut with U.S. Songs on Revelation Records two years later. The band then recorded another EP with each label, with each cover showing a band member jumping off a cliff. After touring tirelessly around the U.S. and releasing False Cathedral in the summer of 2000, Mobley and Palumbo took their leave. Benny Clark (the Loved) took over lead guitar and Jason Skaggs (Eleven Eleven) became the new bassist. ~ Ron DePasquale , All Music Guide
This biography taken from this page on CDNOW's web site.

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