Pictures tell the Florida story best.  
I was only there one week and look at all this cool stuff that happened!

Florida rocked!  We crammed a huge amount of cool things into this trip.  Besides the events covered in the pictures below we visited Kennedy Space Center and stayed in a hotel that  was right on the water overlooking the Space Shuttle being prepared far out on the launch pad.  As a bonus, in the mornings I would see dolphins playing in the water just outside the door.  Coolness!
FL Unpacking.JPG (106833 bytes)
Unpacking computers with Saraliene.
FL Vault.JPG (117766 bytes)
This Library used to be a bank. 
FL Coaster.JPG (134897 bytes)
Riding the coasters with Ross, Max and Saraliene.
FL Monster Truck.JPG (89356 bytes)
Hamming it up with a monster truck at Universal Studios.
FL Williston.JPG (56628 bytes)
Saraliene and I are excited about being in Florida!
FL pick.JPG (73336 bytes)
Here I am picking an orange for the first time.  Then I ate it!  Yum!
 Astronaut day of launch autographed postcard pic will go here soon. FL Cake.JPG (79847 bytes)
Open houses are always more fun with cake!
My Florida Libraries? Williston and Mims.