Three years of cross country travel and Public Library visits.    There is a LOT to see so set a spell, take your shoes off, and have fun!
Adventures In Travel

Washington State
Home, Seattle, No name dropping
New Mexico
Learning curve, Packing tips and Thomas Branigan
West Virginia
Dale, Computer guts, DC, Puntanesca and Teeples
South Carolina
Worst hotel ever, First solo Library, Flopeye, Charleston, Atlanta
The sky is falling!, Flexibility, Dogs as barometers of rural immersion, The WB & RE-form, best PL experience 
Sapulpa, I know something, long, long days
I picked it!, 3...2...1!
The sweetest thing *or* Good fortune abounds
Finally, Glacier!
I'm famous!, Cabins and hot tubs y'all!
"Mash your keyboard". Three words: Kayaking with Dolphins!  Two words: Crab Boil!

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A collection of soaps and room keys that has since more than doubled.  Don't' worry, it's okay to take the plastic keys if you ask.

  Since July of 1999 I have worked as a Public Access Computing Trainer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  During this time I have been fortunate enough to visit hundreds of Public Libraries all across the United States installing donated computer networks, providing lots of and lots of training for Librarians and promoting technology in Public Libraries at open houses.  The Library Program division of the Gates Foundation seeks to help bridge the "Digital Divide" through technology and training seed grants to qualifying Public Libraries.  Since almost all Libraries qualify for these grants, I've been all over.  Seriously.

     Flying (this page was even constructed 35,000 feet in the air on my laptop!) and driving all over the country I have seen some wonderful things and met some beautiful people.  These links take you to pages detailing some of my memories and reminiscences from these trips.  And if the states seem out of order, they really aren't.  They are listed in the order I visited with this job starting with Washington back in 1999 and finishing with Illinois in 2002.  That's a lot of states!  Wait till you see what's inside.  Oh, it's just so exciting!


Close to home, 1st FUT, Prince
PEZ Pilgrimage, N.O.
North Carolina
Where are we?  Beach
Look at the pretty flowers

Long D.C. weekend
New York
Buggin' out, Food TV

Four Corners
(Native American Access To Technology)
Hopi, Canyon, Dancing, Piki, Kachinas

Libraries RULE!

Friends, P, Curl On, Oh Canada
Libraries Galore, NYC, Pittsburgh, Andy Warhol

Giant Catsup, Excellent Weekends, Sweet Librarians
ILF/SLIS Fancy Function
Saint Louis is very photogenic

South Dakota
coming in June!

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A postcard from Montana:
You're on my mind when I'm on the road.