Nightswimming is the best song on the album.  Collard greens are the best thing on the menu at the restaurant.
I spent a weekend in Athens, GA, the birthplace of R.E.M..  Weaver D's slogan is an R.E.M. album namesake and is also home to heartwarming soul food.  Weaver really does say: "Automatic, Baby"!
wpe8.jpg (47290 bytes)
Dinner at world famous
(and very delicious)
Lady & Sons Restaurant
in Savannah.
GA scrimp.JPG (21646 bytes)
The view from the room.  Shrimp boats
were out shrimping most every night.
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Several folks from work on a
"ghost tour" with a
local Librarian/Guide.
GA lighthouse.JPG (40450 bytes)
Tybee Island lighthouse.
GA Brendalighthouse.JPG (31260 bytes)
Brenda enjoys a cool beverage
in the shadow of the lighthouse.
     One of the nicest Librarians I've met on the road worked in a Library just outside of Savannah.  She invited me to her house for a Friday night cook out complete with an authentic low country crab boil.  They trap the crabs locally then throw 'em in a huge pot outside, boil 'em up and pry 'em apart and eat them.  I brought Saraliene and Brenda along to the party and boy did we have a high old time!  Whether it was our fabulous hosts, the other Librarians or the neighbors who had paddled  up to the deck party in a canoe, the company was excellent.  The food was good, but let me tell you, if you've never pried and cleaned a boiled crab with your bare hands, well, let's just say if you grow up doing it you don't give it a second thought.  However, the first time you peel and crack off the shell then scoop out the lungs and other organs, well, you may need a beer or two to get through the process.  Still, once you get the hang of it it's a blast and definitely an experience you don't get to have everywhere every day.  The only bad thing about the evening was the the camera we too with us to the party broke and we lost all the pictures from evenings festivities.  Even without the pictures it was still an unforgettable experience and evening.

It's hard to take a good picture with a disposable, waterproof camera while you are balancing a kayak in the ocean.
However, if you look closely you can see the dolphins and how close they were to Brenda, Saraliene and I. 
My Georgia Libraries included: Thunderbolt, Savannah, Hinesville, Midway and Gainesville.