While I didn't have any install/training trips to my former home state of Indiana, I did get to do something very exciting there.  On April 30th, 2002, The School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) at Indiana University hosted a reception during the Indiana Library Federation (ILF) conference in Indianapolis.  The reception was to honor the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's work with Indiana Libraries, the SLIS Gates Interns and Indiana Public Libraries at large.  

Because I am an Indiana native and I.U. is my alma mater, some folks at work asked if I would like to pick up the award.  Are you kidding?  What an honor!  This was definitely a professional highlight for me.  Several friends and most of my absolute favorite former professors were on hand.  Also attending were SLIS Dean, Blaise Cronin, and American Library Association (ALA) 2001-2002 President, John Berry.  For a Librarian, IU alum and a former Hoosier, well,  to quote one of the speakers, "this is like the Emmy's!".  I was happy, honored, excited and a little nervous to be a part of this event, but as expected it was definitely a professional high note and just a wonderful evening.  And did I mention it was a dessert reception?  Mmmm, chocolate.

My only regret is that I didn't get a picture with former SLIS  Dean, Mary Krutulis.  Mary is an absolutely outstanding person and without her I never would have gone to Library school or had an Internship.

There was a professional photographer there and I'll try and get some of his pictures up when I get them.  This will be especially good because none of the pictures of the presenters/speakers that were taken with my camera came out.  Those are pictures I want to show off to Grandma.  In the meantime:

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Dr. Taylor, Dean Cronin and I yuck it up.  On top of his diverse and impressive academic credentials, Dean Cronin has a most excellent sense of style and a truly outstanding doo.
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ALA President and SLIS alum, John Berry.  In my world, he is a super star. :)
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The beautiful award from SLIS and ILF presented to the Foundation. 
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Want to know how to do reference work?  Take Joyce Taylor's class.  This lady is the coolest of the cool.  She's smart, she can find anything ever printed in a reference book and she is a pistol!
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Lynn and Steve drove from Fort Wayne to see what all the hubbub was about and to provide moral support.  Steve is such a great pal he came even though his ankle was all busted up.  Thanks guys!

 more coming soon