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Homer Michigan.  Really!
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When you travel two out of three weeks you sometimes get to be guest of the day.  Taken at the Fort Wayne Hilton during on of my weekend visits.
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We've got horseshoes and frog legs, Sparky!
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This was held the weekend I was there.  I went to visit friends and family in Fort Wayne, but almost regret it.  See the Librarians asked me if I wanted to ride on a float during the parade.  That sure would have been a once in a life time deal!
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Home of the lazy vacation.
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Gourmets live in Cadillac, MI.  Who knew?  Another example of the pleasant surprises you find traveling to place you might not have thought of before.
MI Hastings1.JPG (154508 bytes)
A clip from the Hastings paper.  An attractive little town rapidly becoming a bedroom community.
MI Bay City1.JPG (135731 bytes)
A clip from the Bay City paper.  Later that week I would guest on a government public access TV show.  My 15 minutes of fame?
Michigan Libraries I worked in: Alma, Saint Louis, Bay City (and three branches), Auburn, Pinconning, Hastings, Nashville, Cedar Springs, East Grand Rapids, Sand Lake, Gowen, Cadillac, Ypsilanti, Pittsford, North Adams, Monroe, Tekonsha, Litchfield, Homer, Bronson, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Warren.  I spent most of the winter of 2000 in Michigan?