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Some of my favorite Public Libraries:
Allen County Public Library
(They've got big expansion plans!)
Seattle Public Library
Check out that new Central Library--Cool!)

Library Employment Links

I'm a top notch I.U. alum!  I think that's what this means.


I don't know about the car, but we Librarians do have it all don't we?  Good-looking, yet intelligent.  Fun, yet sophisticated.  All in a very eye-catching package
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Back in the day, I worked in the Childrens Dept.  I made that dragon sign!

Issues In Library  
(technology, filters, privacy, salaries, etc)

coming soon

Gates Foundation Library Program

Visit a page from a Library in Ohio where I worked

The Original  Libraryman!
I am a proud graduate of the San Diego NPRF (The New Planning For Results) Class of 2001.  This means I am sanctioned to train, teach and get Public Library people excited about this PLA sponsored Public Library growth/directional planning process.  It may sound a bit dry, but it really is pretty exciting if you are in to Public Libraries.  Here's proof I'm certified.