Jack & Michael Climb The Arch
Here are some pics from when Jack and I got together for a visit in Saint Louis.  The last time we hung out while I was on the road was in Los Angles (click here for pics from that visit).  It doesn't seem possible but that was more than two years earlier!  The most exciting thing we did during our short visit was go to the top  of the Saint Louis Arch.  Here are some pics:
wpe8.jpg (30341 bytes)
The funky elevator that takes you to the top of the Arch.  Teeny little compartments fit five people.
wpe2.jpg (27128 bytes)
Jack and I are perfectly happy to be crammed in the odd little elevator.
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It is very tiring working at the top of the arch.  Here's proof.
wpeD.jpg (24525 bytes)
The top of the arch is 630 feet up.
wpeF.jpg (25867 bytes)
Looking down from the top.
wpe11.jpg (31167 bytes)
Western view from the top.
wpe17.jpg (20560 bytes)
Looking  straight down out the west facing side of the arch.  It's a nose!
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The Mississippi was flooded.
wpe13.jpg (14514 bytes)
Western view from the top.