Assorted Montana Images:

Two weekends spent tromping around Glacier National Park yielded so many cool pictures they get their own page.  Click the screenshot above to go there.

Welcome to your Gates training!
Valerie comes to this typically fun group of Laptop Lab Librarians with open arms.:)  Taken in July of 2000 in the Choteau, MT Public Library.  This was an historic moment as it was Valerie's last trip as a traveling trainer.

Montana had an abundance of exuberant newspapers in their small towns.  Lots of interviews and picture taking.  Click the above picture to see a collection of articles.
MT cutbank.JPG (21827 bytes)
Cut Bank.  Evidently this is the coldest spot in the country.
MT gopher.JPG (36908 bytes)
MT vortex1.JPG (70394 bytes)
The sign says it all.
MT Odd1.jpg (65385 bytes)
Near Glacier.  Snapped by my lovely friend Sarah.
MT Tavern Library.JPG (153673 bytes)
The Dutton Public Library.  Conveniently located next door to the towns pub.
MT Choteau.JPG (240405 bytes)
Beautiful, historic Choteau, MT.

MT Fort Benton1.jpg (32609 bytes)
You can just see them soaking it all in! These Librarians in Fort Benton, MT were experts by the time we were finished with them!