Viva Glacier!

     Finally!  I have wanted to see Glacier for a long time.  Many years ago I worked for a season as a "Fee Collection" Park Ranger in Zion National Park.  Yep, I had the hat and the badge and the whole deal.  Honest!  Anyway, Zion is my favorite place in the world.  Lots of other folks that worked there felt the same way and a large number of these people that loved Zion so listed Glacier as their second favorite spot on the planet.  Since hearing stories about canoeing in alpine lakes, flower blanketed meadows, grizzly bears, and nearly unsurpassed beauty I was ready to visit.  During my two week trip to Montana I went to Glacier both weekends.  The first weekend was spent hiking around with my co-worker Valerie and her friend Summer.  The next weekend it was all Sarah and me.  We had a blast!  Just look at the pictures and you can tell. MT Glacier Lake.JPG (105241 bytes)
Glacier is stunning.  Snapped by an interesting group of Japanese tourists (but that's another story).
MT Findthegoat1.JPG (111260 bytes)
We had to scramble up the hill to get out of the way of a mountain goat.  Can you find the goat in the picture?
MT sarah.JPG (49009 bytes)
Don't back up anymore, Sarah!
MT goatpass.JPG (69562 bytes)
There goes the goat!
MT bearsign.JPG (75137 bytes)
The sign says: "WARNING!  BE ALERT!  Bears have been frequenting this area!".
MT hike1.JPG (59044 bytes)
Happily hiking in Glacier
MT glaciervista.JPG (54902 bytes)
What a view!

Montana had an abundance of exuberant newspapers in their small towns.  Lots of interviews and picture taking.  Click the above picture to see a collection of those articles.

There are some unusual things to photograph in Montana!  Click above to see some of them.

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