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I was only there for two weeks, but for some reason the local pares were all about hyping their community's new Gates computers.  Excellent!  Here are some articles:
MT Fort Benton.jpg (103240 bytes)
Fort Benton's contribution to my MT newspaper collection.
MT Best Article2.JPG (134010 bytes)
My favorite article from a small town paper about Gates computers and our visit.  Plus it mentions my Grandma.  That's always a good thing. :)
MT Conrad.JPG (58241 bytes)
Newspaper clip featuring the Conrad Public Library.
MT bronson journal.JPG (73257 bytes)
A cute clip from the Bronson Journal.  I'm glad they mention grandma only she isn't that old!
MT Choteau.JPG (157020 bytes)
Clip from the Choteau paper.  The same Choteau shown in the postcard on the previous page.  Could there be more than one Choteau?
MT geraldine.JPG (64264 bytes)
Geraldine's blurb in the paper about the Gates computers and accompanying training.
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