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My first trip to New York was similar to Virginia in that it was a short trip and both partly easy and partly hard.  Actually, truth be told it was mostly hard.  During this visit I got pretty sick. Fortunately I was working with Leah.  Not only did she fill in for me when I felt bad, she let me stay in her Aunt's house and hang out with her excellent family( some of whom just happened to live in the area).  Leah also cooked me dinner and just plain helped soothed my jangled nerves.  To top off all of those kindness she let me spend time with her excellent doggy, Maddy.  I may have felt awful, but without someone as kind and generous as Leah around it would have been much, much more difficult.  Thanks, Leah!

NY JP Library.jpg (51643 bytes) My second NY trip was actually about a year later when I was working in Pennsylvania.  I had an extra long weekend so of course headed off to the big city I went.  You could spent months there and only scratch the surface.

NY Maddy.JPG (164341 bytes)
Leah's sweet puppy Maddy
 kept me company 
while I was sick
wpe20.jpg (122493 bytes)
Leah, her brother, her niece  and her nephews.  We had  just eaten a fine home  cooked meal with the whole
 clan.  Now it was time to play with the dogs and then relax and have storytime.
NY ashville.JPG (63215 bytes)
Well, Leah didn't cook the entire time.
One night we got some take-out from:
wpeA.jpg (67807 bytes)


NY Maddy Jump.jpg (32898 bytes)
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Our New York after dinner storytime reminds me of being a Children's Librarian back in Indiana so long ago.  I sure miss working with kids.  Here's a pic of me being a Children's Assistant.  I drew that dragon!  Those kids I'm standing there with are three of the EL Khatib family's children. 
These kids were very rambunctious but also very, very, smart and funny and just plain cool.  It was never a dull moment when they came in, and boy did they ever come in a lot!  The El Khatib's had a colleague and I over for dinner once.  Man, did they have quite a spread.  It was amazing!  Lots of yummy things like stuffed zucchinis, stuffed grape leaves, chicken and taboule.  They were so nice it was almost embarrassing.  It was really very kind of them.  Mr. El Khatib and I retired to the room for the men and drank Turkish (Jordanian coffee?)  It was delicious coffee, the best I've ever had.  We had several interesting discussions over our coffee.  I often wonder what happened to that family and all those kids.  I should put up scans of some of the pictures they drew for me.  They are totally hilarious!  Yeah, I miss working with/being around kids.